WWE responded this week to the lawsuit being brought against them by Cassandra Frazier, the widow of the late Nelson Frazier Jr. (aka Big Daddy V, Viscera, Mabel), by trying to move the lawsuit to Connecticut. WWE noted that Frazier died from a heart attack with contributing causes being morbid obesity and diabetes on his death certificate along with drugs and alcohol being found in his system at the time of his death.

The lawsuit against WWE attempted to tie the idea that any concussions he suffered during his career with WWE weakened him leaving him unable to survive a heart attack. Frazier was cremated so no official diagnosis of his brain to test for CTE or other damage was possible. WWE revealed that when Cassandra Frazier contacted them claiming she was destitute, they sent her a check for $10,000 as an advance for future royalties.

WWE also released how much Frazier earned in his years working on a regular basis with the company. The breakdown included the following salary details.

* 1994 – $127,659.15
* 1995 – $100,648.78
* 1999 – $159,001.44
* 2000 – $136,951.85
* 2005 – $124,252,74
* 2006 – $152,659.55
* 2007 – $178,359.64
* 2008 – $251,223.65

Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter