Recap of the Stone Cold Podcast on 8/3/15 with special guest Paige

“Stone Cold Podcast” Live
Special Guest: Paige
August 3, 2015
Recap by: Adam Martin of

The following aired live on the WWE Network following RAW on 8/3.

Austin welcomes her to the show and talks about her wrestling earlier tonight on RAW. Paige apologizes if she smells a little bit. He asks how the match went. Paige said she nit picks during matches and prefers to not watch it after it is done.

Austin asks if she cusses during matches. Paige admits she does and how she is told it isn’t lady like to curse when she is out in the ring.

Austin talks about how she is a veteran in the wrestling business even though she is only 23. Paige talks about her family all becoming pro wrestlers. She said growing up wrestling scared her because of the injuries her family got. Paige said her mom was blinded for six months after taking a bad dropkick after having issues with both of her eyes.

Austin asks if her family smartened her up to the business. Paige said at one point she grew up and realized what it was. She talked about her dad owning a pro wrestling training school and how he was short a girl for one of the matches giving her some experience. Paige said she got legit knocked out during her first wrestling match taking a bad bump.

Paige said learning to sell was hard for her since she was only 13 and had never been in a real fight before. She talked about working with her brother and mother. Paige talked about her family being the hardest on her in matches making sure she paid her dues. She brings up her mom being 7 months pregnant with her and taking a bump without knowing.

She talked about learning she had scoliosis when she first came to WWE. Austin asked if she has taken any steps to fix this. Paige said going to a chiropractor or doing yoga is recommended, but she has declined to take either steps at the moment.

Austin brings up a documentary called “The Wrestlers” featuring Paige and her family. Paige noted how one of the documentaries profiled her getting another tryout with WWE.

Austin asked if it was true that she tended bar and worked as a bouncer. Paige confirmed both laughing and Austin brought up how England is very different from America.

Paige talked about Jake “The Snake” Roberts staying with her family in England. She mentioned meeting Yokozuna, Greg “The Hammer” Valentine and The Bushwhackers.

Paige said she looked up to Bull Nakano, Lita and Austin growing up.

Austin wants to talk about the character of Paige and getting rejected by WWE during her first tryout with the company. Paige talked about not knowing how to be a Diva and got a spray tan, put on a colorful dress and wasn’t confident at all.

She said Johnny Ace got her a second tryout and she came back as herself. Paige said Jamie Noble and Goldust were running the tryout. She noted Goldust pulled her aside telling her to sell and how to pace herself better during a match.

Austin said she has a reputation for working pretty snug and her early days with WWE developmental in Florida. Paige said many people were mean to her. She told a story about smacking Summer Rae right in the teeth during a shoulder tackle spot.

Austin wants to understand the transition to Paige. She said Paige is mostly based on the Stone Cold character and wanting to be the anti-Diva. Paige said Dusty Rhodes helped her a lot with that. She said Dusty kept her sane moving across the world. She said he described her as his “little porcelain princess.” Paige said the biggest advice Dusty gave to her was to save your money. She admitted to not saving it very well in her first year and made the decision to start saving more aggressively in recent years. Paige told a funny story cursing at Dusty at the Performance Center and him having to calm her down after a promo class.

Austin is confused why she would have any issues with the promo considering her personality. Paige said she had to learn how to tell a story.

Paige tells stories about how hard her father was with her including making her still wrestle after getting in a car accident earlier in the day.

Austin talks about the “working hurt” mentality in pro wrestling. Paige talked about how careful WWE is with talent and how she came up differently.

Austin brings up how she is always surprised when someone wants her autograph. Paige said she is still puzzled why fans would like her considering her look compared to all the other superstars in WWE as she is just some girl from nowhere in England.

Austin gives her some advice to always sit back and reflect as he didn’t really do that when he was so consumed with the grind of the business.

Paige talks about becoming the first ever NXT Women’s Champion at 21. She talked about the opportunity that was given to her by Triple H.

When asked about the #DivaRevolution, opportunity is the biggest part for her. Paige was thankful for the live NXT special starting it with Emma.

Paige talks about Sara Del Rey being a big influence on her career along with Fit Finlay, Dean Malenko and Triple H during her time in Florida.

Paige said her travel partners are usually Alicia Fox or Emma. She said while wrestling in England, she would pile into tiny cars and much nicer here.

Paige is still continuing to learn. Austin asked if she was far ahead of other girls in developmental. She said the biggest learning curve was working in front of bigger audiences compared to her time in England.

Austin wants to talk about Tough Enough. He talks about binge watching the show. Austin said many people expected to see the same version they got in 2011. He said Paige is very honest with the contestants and gets some heat for it. Paige said a lot of people watching don’t know her back story and how much experience she has in the business. She talks about being hard on Sara on the show and how she got the same coming up. They discuss putting Patrick in the bottom three and how he had too much ego. Paige said she didn’t expect him to get voted off and how she got tons of backlash on Twitter. She felt Mada getting voted off was another mistake. Paige calls Miz an idiot for saving Amanda.

Paige tells stories about her family being overly protective.

Austin asks if she has any goals. Paige said she wants to be the longest reigning Divas champion, have another WrestleMania match and be in the Hall of Fame. She joked that she would like to see it changed back to the Women’s Championship.

Paige talked about how she has to get on a flight to Orlando for Tough Enough tomorrow.

Paige gets in a plug for Tough Enough tomorrow night.

Austin closes the live podcast.