Brock Lesnar made an appearance on “Mike and Mike” on ESPN Radio on Tuesday morning to promote WWE SummerSlam. Here are some highlights from his appearance.
– Lesnar said being back with WWE has been good and described it as a “lifestyle commitment” and “lifestyle choice” to not return to the UFC. He talked about having the itch to return after he felt like he was cheated out of a few fights because of his diverticulitis.
– He talked about things not ending well with WWE in 2004, but the relationship improving when he returned in 2012. Lesnar said it is refreshing to be able to come in and do his own thing and that it isn’t “life on the road” anymore. He said his relationship with Vince McMahon has improved as well.
– Lesnar was asked what was bigger: UFC 100 or any prior WrestleMania he was part of. He said the PPV numbers for UFC 100 spoke for itself. Lesnar talked about WrestleMania drawing 80,000 earlier this year and how the mindset being part of the UFC was very different because you were trying to go out and destroy someone. He said getting hit in the face during his time in the UFC was “very hard.” Lesnar said the challenge with WWE is to bring that realism into his performance.
– He discussed his background winning an NCAA Championship and later becoming Brock Lesnar the “WWE wrestler.” Lesnar said he really enjoys being back and that being a heel comes very naturally for him. Lesnar talks about being a very sheltered person and then being part of big moments like ending The Undertaker’s streak at WrestleMania two years ago. “I’m just a farm kid from South Dakota,” added Lesnar. He talks about wrestling for WWE being his hobby and he’s a farmer at heart.
– Lesnar was asked about the Minnesota Vikings and talked about how going through training camp was one of the hardest things he’s ever done. “It’s a grueling eight weeks.”