8/30 WWE Results: Tallahassee, Florida

1. WWE Intercontinental Champion Ryback def. The Big Show

2. Cesaro def. Bo Dallas

3. Natalya def. Emma

4. Chris Jericho def. Luke Harper

5. Randy Orton def. Sheamus

6. Neville def. Stardust

7. R-Truth def. Heath Slater

8. The Lucha Dragons def. Los Matadores w/El Torito

9. Roman Reigns def. Bray Wyatt in a Street Fight. Wyatts laid out Reigns after, then Truth and Neville as well, who ran in to help. Ryback ran in and gave Braun Strowman the Meathook, followed by Reigns recovering with the Superman Punch to send the Wyatts fleeing. Babyfaces celebrated to end the show.

Source: The Wrestling Observer/Figure Four Online