Update (7:38 p.m. ET): The 29-year-old man shot today has been identified as Armando Montalvo according to TMZ.com. WWE filed a restraining order against Montalvo earlier this month after a “string of violent run-ins at the facility.” Earlier this summer, Montalvo spread his urine and feces on the building and posted a video of himself online mixing human waste and milk inside a bucket. Montalvo showed up at the facility on multiple occasions dressed in a wrestling outfit, banging on windows and threatening to “kick everyone’s ass” because they wouldn’t hire him for a job at the Performance Center.

WESH in Orlando has provided new details on the incident at the WWE Performance Center on Monday afternoon in Orlando where a man was shot.

A 29-year-old man described as being “fixated on a female wrestler” who has yet to be named was shot by a deputy outside the Performance Center in Azalea Park. Sheriff Jerry Demings told the media that police had responded to a trespassing call around 1:30 p.m. Eastern. The man, believed to be armed with a knife, charged deputies and was shot by Cpl. Steve Wahl. The man was taken to a nearby hospital with life-threatening gunshot wounds.

The identity of the man has not been released by the Orange County Sheriff’s Department as of early Monday evening. This had been the third time in the last 30 days that the man had been approached by deputies. The female wrestler the man was reportedly stalking, according to authorities, was not present on Monday. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement will be investigating the shooting in the weeks going forward.

As reported earlier, WWE issued the following statement about the incident.

“Unfortunately a deranged individual with no WWE affiliation, who had a court order prohibiting him from being on WWE property, was involved in an incident with an Orange County Sheriff’s deputy in the parking lot of the WWE Performance Center. We defer to the Orange County Sherriff’s department for further comment and information.”

Source: WESH Orlando