Details on WWE star “deranged” fan appeared to be stalking

CBS affiliate WKMG is reporting that 29-year-old Armando Montalvo remained in critical condition as of Tuesday morning after he was shot outside the WWE Performance Center in Orlando on Monday after charging an officer with knife.

News 6 in Orlando revealed in a report that when Montalvo was first arrested back on 8/4, he was in possession of a white board with the words, “Lita I love you.” A deputy wrote that Montalov repeatedly asked if Lita was inside the building and laughed at getting arrested.

Court records show that deputies tried to serve Montalvo’s mother with an injunction on 8/18 and she refused. Friends close to Montalvo stated he has been prescribed medicine adding, “Nobdy really cares. Nobody tried to help him and this is what happens.”

Source:, CBS News

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