WWE NXT results 11/13/14

September 9, 2015
Winter Park, Florida (Full Sail University)
Commentators: Rich Brennan, Corey Graves

Recap by: Jason Namako of Wrestleview.com

We see the usual intro, then commentary welcomes us to the show. We go to the opening match.

“The Princess of Staten Island” Carmella vs. Peyton Royce

Carmella does her usual shitick on her entrance. Royce is the former KC Cassidy from Australia, trained by Lance Storm. They fist-bump early in a show of sportsmanship. Both exchange side headlock takeovers and headscissors, before we get a stalemate. They slap hands, then Carmella surprises Royce with a roll-up for 2. Backslide by Royce for 2. Carmella counters another backslide attempt with one of her own for 2. Oklahoma Roll by Carmella for 2. Royce misses a clothesline, Carmella does some moonwalking. Atomic Drop and a Dropkick by Carmella for 2. Royce blocks a suplex, hits a Fisherman’s Suplex for 2. Chinlock applied, crowd wills on Carmella. Carmella tries to get free, but Royce keeps control. Carmella finally gets free, but Royce goes downstairs. Royce runs into a back elbow, then Carmella with a rana from out of the corner. Running shoulder in the corner, then Carmella sends Royce into her outstretched boot on the turnbuckles. Edge O’Matic variation by Carmella for 2. Chinlock applied, Royce tries to get to her feet, but Carmella takes her back down. Carmella gets on Royce’s shoulders, but Royce drives Carmella into the corner to get free. Spin kick in the corner by Royce, followed by a wheel kick. 2nd Rope Crossbody by Royce for 2. Carmella slips out of a suplex, hits a Flatliner.

Inverted Headscissors applied, Royce taps.

Winner: “The Princess of Staten Island” Carmella by pinfall (Inverted Headscissors)

Carmella celebrates her win afterward with more moonwalking.

Backstage, Samoa Joe walks up to Finn Balor and asks him if he’s ready for their match tonight. Balor says he better be, the Lucha Dragons are no joke and I wanna win this tournament for Dusty. Joe says he sounds like Balor’s ready to him. Joe stops Balor from leaving and hands him the NXT Title belt.

We see The Jersey Boys winning their first round Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic at a recent NXT live event.

We then see The Mechanics winning their first round Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic at a recent NXT live event.


Back from commercial, we see another vignette on the impending debut of Nia Jax.

Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic First Round Match: “Prince Pretty” Tyler Breeze & Bull Dempsey vs. “The Whole Shebang” Johnny Gargano & “The Psycho Killer” Tommaso Ciampa

This is Ciampa & Gargano’s NXT in-ring debuts. Bull does Breeze’s lay across the ropes deal before the match. Breeze tells Bull to go to the apron as the bell sounds as he wants to start. Breeze & Ciampa start. Breeze takes down Ciampa, then taunts him by laying across the ropes. Breeze slaps Ciampa, but Ciampa DRILLS him with a big slap. Bull tags in. Ciampa with a side headlock, but Bull mows him down with a shoulder tackle. Breeze in, side headlock applied. Ciampa off the blind side and hits a shoulder tackle. Standing switch, Gargano blind tags in and hits Breeze with a Slingshot Spear. Breeze avoids a corner charge, but Gargano leaps over him. Roll-Through into the Gotcha! Kick, followed by a leaping neckbreaker for 2. Breeze quickly tags back out to Bull. Bull blocks an armdrag, misses a clothesline, but Gargano bounces off Bull when attempting a crossbody. Bull with words to Breeze, but that allows Gargano to come back with an enziguri. Ciampa in, Running Knockout Knee for 2. Ciampa stomps away at Bull, chinlock applied, crowd wills on Bull. Leaping stomp to the head of Bull as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial as Ciampa misses a clothesline, but leaps onto Bull, locking him in a Sleeper. Bull drops backward onto Ciampa to get free, both men down. Gargano in, Bull misses a clothesline, running dropkick knocks Breeze off the apron. Bull comes back with a back elbow, but cannot make the tag as Breeze is down outside. Bull with a series of jabs on Gargano as the crowd chants “Bull” for each one, followed by a Dusty bionic elbow. Bull off the ropes, but he accidentally knocks Breeze back off the apron. Gargano tags in Ciampa while this is going on.

Bull blocks a Sunset Flip, but Ciampa comes in with a running Jackknife Pin for the upset win.

Winners and advancing in the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic: “The Whole Shebang” Johnny Gargano & “The Psycho Killer” Tommaso Ciampa by pinfall (Running Jackknife Pin)

Gargano & Ciampa celebrate their win afterwards. Breeze attacks Bull in the ring and unloads with right hands and soccer kicks. Breeze goes to leave, but when Bull starts to get up, Breeze lays him out with the Supermodel Kick. Breeze leaves the fallen Bull in the ring as referees attend to him.

Backstage, The Lucha Dragons talk about their first round Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic match tonight against Samoa Joe & Finn Balor. Lucha Dragons say they are in the tournament to honor their friend, Dusty Rhodes. They put over Balor & Joe, but tell them not to underestimate them tonight, or you will feel the fire from the Lucha Dragons. Dusty, this is for you, and they do the “LUCHA” chant.

Backstage, Devin Taylor interviews Dana Brooke about her match up next. Dana says that something is bothering me lately, and its not that I haven’t patted you on the head lately. Carmella likes to call herself the hottest chick in the ring, child please. No, actually, what’s been bothering me is that I had to watch Bayley, who I’ve beaten in the middle of the ring, become the new NXT Women’s Champion. No, I wanted to be taken seriously and I want it to be known as the NXT Women’s Champion and the best female wrestler NXT has. So, in order to do so, I guess I have to become the NXT Women’s Champion. But, you know something, people don’t think I take this seriously. They think that I’m gonna use my incredible body and this pretty face and take that route to the top? No, no, no, that makes me mad, that makes me disgusted. See, what they don’t know is that I turned down my initvation that I was invited to the Arnold Classic Spain, that I declined to come here and to compete in NXT. So, every woman in NXT better watch out because Dana Brooke, the Total Diva, is ready to roll, cuz playtime is over. Dana walks off, but then comes back to yet again pat Devin on the head, saying she still got it. Dana walks off for real this time as Devin continues to get madder and madder about Dana’s disrespect towards her as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial, we see a vignette on “The Perfect 10” Tye Dillinger.

Billie Kay vs. “The Total Diva” Dana Brooke

Billie Kay is the former Jessie McKay from Australia, trained by independent women’s wrestling star, Madison Eagles. Dana breaks out from a lock-up early. Dana backs Kay into the corner, pats her on the head. Kay backs Dana up, ref gets in-between them. Kay grabs Dana’s foot, side headlock applied. Kay goes up & over Dana in the corner, side headlock takeover. Dana powers out into a top wristlock. Kay slips out of a slam, back into the side headlock. Dana goes for a tilt-a-whirl move, but Kay counters with another side headlock takeover. Dana slams Kay down by the hair, gets only 1. Kay avoids a clothesline, spinning headscissors takeover. Back to the side headlock. Dana again powers out into her own side headlock. Dana sidesteps a backdrop attempt and slams Kay down by the hair again. Dana unloads with forearms from the mount. Dana taunts the crowd, then hits a series of shoulders to Kay in the corner, followed by the hand-stand choke. Big clothesline by Kana, followed by a handstand into an elbow drop. Chinlock applied, crowd wills on Kay. Kay fights back, but Dana slams her back down by the hair. Another handstand elbow drop by Dana for 2. Headscissors applied, crowd again wills on Kay. Dana turns over to her stomach to put torque on the hold, then slams Kay back down. Kay flips over and pins down Dana to counter for 2. Dana misses a clothesline, 2 flying clotheslines by Kay. Rana, followed by a big boot for 2. Kay blocks a kick, but Dana hits her with an enziguri.

Death Valley Bomb by Dana for the win.

Winner: “The Total Diva” Dana Brooke by pinfall (Death Valley Bomb)

Dana celebrates her win afterward.

Backstage, Devin Taylor interviews Apollo Crews. Crews says that the feeling upon his first few outings in NXT is a feeling he can’t describe, nor put into words. But, you know, I can say one thing, is in that arena in Brooklyn and in Full Sail last week, that wasn’t the NXT Universe, no, no, no, that was the Apollo Nation and the Nation is about to take over NXT.

We go to Providence, Rhode Island for the main event, which is NEXT!!


Back from commercial, we see video of Bayley winning the NXT Women’s Title at TakeOver: Brooklyn, then video from Twitter of Bayley superfan, Izzy’s celebration of Bayley’s title win. This past week, Izzy and her family were invited to the WWE Performance Center to meet Bayley. Izzy got a tour of the WWE Performance Center and got to spend the day with her hero. Next week, Bayley will appear at Full Sail for the first time since winning the NXT Women’s Title.

We go to Providence, Rhode Island for the main event, with Tom Phillips and Jimmy Uso on commentary.

Main Event in a Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic First Round Match: The Lucha Dragons (Kalisto & Sin Cara) vs. “The Samoan Submission Machine” Samoa Joe & NXT Champion Finn Balor

Good reactions for Balor & Joe in Providence. Balor comes out with a new ring jacket for his “normal” look. Balor & Cara start. They shake hands early. “NXT” chants by the crowd. Chain wrestling, Balor with an armdrag into an armbar. Cara reverses out into a side headlock takeover. Balor counters out with a pinning predicament for 2. Series of evasions, Balor with a dropkick. Kalisto in, but Balor backdrops him outside. Cara back in, but Balor hits him with a Slingblade. Cara goes to the middle rope, but Balor knocks him off with an enziguri. Balor with a head of steam, flip dive wipes out the Lucha Dragons!


Back from commercial as Joe sends Cara hard off the turnbuckles. Series of jabs and gut shots by Joe in the corner. Balor in, Joe with a slam, slingshot stomp by Balor for 2. Big chop by Balor in the corner, followed by a running chop. Balor goes up & over Cara, but Cara catches him with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Kalisto in, dives in with a splash for 2. Series of knees to the ribs by Kalisto for 2. Cara in, Kalisto trips up Balor, senton atomico by Cara for 2. Inverted Bearhug applied, crowd wills on Balor. Cara with an amateur slam to take Balor back down, followed by a soccer kick. Kalisto in, Cara with a full-rotation monkey flip to Kalisto, sending him crashing onto Balor for 2. Cara in, big right hand to Balor. Another amateur slam back into the inverted bearhug. Joe wills on his partner. Balor fights back with back elbows, but Cara with a knee to the ribs. Balor then with the Pele, both men down.

Joe in, series of jabs to Cara. Running back elbow/enziguri combo in the corner, Kalisto in, Joe catches a kick, big boot and a running back senton. Forearms to Cara, followed by knees to the ribs. Joe runs into a back elbow, Tornado DDT off the middle rope by Cara, but Balor breaks up the pin. Balor misses a clothesline, Quesadora off the 2nd rope by Cara. Joe places Cara up top and hits a big chop. Joe goes for the Muscle Buster, but Cara slips out. Joe gets out of a Sunset Flip, series of open-hand slaps. Kalisto blind tags in as Cara with a tope suicida to wipe out Balor! Joe blocks an O’Connor Roll, but Kalisto goes up his shoulders and hits a rana for a close 2. Kalisto sidesteps Joe, sending him outside. Kalisto charges, but Joe gets back in and catches Kalisto with ST-Joe! Enziguri knocks Cara off the apron, Joe places Kalisto up top and tags in Balor.

Muscle Buster by Joe, Balor heads up top, Coup de Grace to Kalisto for the win.

Winners and advancing in the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic: “The Samoan Submission Machine” Samoa Joe & NXT Champion Finn Balor by pinfall (Muscle Buster/Coup de Grace combo)

Joe & Balor celebrate their win afterward, embracing and doing the “Too Sweet” hand signal as the show closes.