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Episode 72: An Evolution of Finishing Moves with Rhyno

In this episode the guys are discussing how finishing moves have evolved over time. Are today’s finishers over used or a tribute to the past? Joining them is former ECW alumni and current NXT superstar Rhyno! Also stopping by is Nick D’Angelo as he talks about the return of CTWE!

AWP -The WWE Universe was rocked the night after SummerSlam when fellow ECW alumni “The Dudley Boys” made their highly anticipated return to RAW. What were your thoughts when you heard they had returned?

RHYNO- Well their talented, probably one of the greatest tag teams to ever grace the ring. So it just makes sense, some of us are very blessed cause we’re kind of ageless in a way. Bubba and Devon they’re tough SOB’s, it seems like they haven’t aged. Especially their in ring performance it’s still top notch. I think the fans are very excited about it, a lot of the wrestlers to, cause were still fans. I think a lot of the wrestlers are excited about it. And it gives the tag teams a great opportunity to work with veterans in front of the live events, in front of the tv audience and in front of the ppv audience too. So it’s a no brainer.

AWP- Do you think that’s what’s lacking to, they haven’t had a surprise return to the main roster in quite awhile, especially on RAW at least.

RHYNO- It’s return of veterans to the locker room on a full time schedule and that’s very important because not only is it important to learn from the veterans in the ring, not only by watching them and not only by working with them in the ring but seeing how they act and conduct themselves outside of the ring. Because a lot of veterans lets just face it, It’s just human life you learn from your mistakes, some people don’t but most of us do. And then the best thing to do is if you see a person who has made a mistake that has learned from it you can than prevent yourself from making a mistake. So thats the importance of having a veteran on a full time schedule, because you see how they travel, you see what they do, and what they don’t do and you realize why they do certain things and don’t do other things…and therefore as a veteran you become a leader.

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