Scott Fishman of the Miami Herald passed along a new interview with WWE Tag Team Champion Xavier Woods. Here are some excerpts from the interview:

On the origins of the New Day team and their success:

“There was a course of six or seven months where we weren’t really on TV and hanging out all the time, we were trying to get the ball rolling on stuff. We would have meetings with Vince [McMahon]. Before we debuted on TV, we thought this was not something that may not work, but will work regardless of what it is because our chemistry will make it happen. Initially, it didn’t go the way people thought it would go, we wanted to capitalize on the heel stuff, which is something we kind of wanted to begin with. So everything worked out together, I feel like it worked out in our favor because if we were to come out doing this from the get-go it wouldn’t’ be as effective and feel as fun. That’s why this evolution and journey we’ve been on in trying to get where we are means a lot more to us. I feel it also means a lot to the fans because they can feel how they’ve effected the change in us.”

On his YouTube gaming channel, UpUpDownDown:

“Video games were my haven, I just didn’t talk to humans at all. I was very socially awkward, so all I did was video games. Then when I started to play video games with other kids. That was the time I talked to people. So those kids brought me out of my shell and really helped me. Without them I would still be up against the wall playing my N64 not talking to anyone. So it really drew me out and made me who I am today. So I really owe my life to video games.” WWE’s Xavier Woods hopeful of leading sports entertaining tag champs The New Day into Night of Champions