This week’s 9/14 WWE RAW drew a 2.42 cable rating with an average audience of 3.40 million viewers on Monday night. The first hour drew 3.29 million viewers, the second hour drew 3.54 million viewers and the third hour closed out the night with 3.36 million viewers.

This is down from last week’s 2.44 rating with 3.38 million viewers. So while the final cable rating saw another drop, overall viewers saw a slight increase.

This is the lowest non-holiday cable rating for RAW since the move to three hours in July 2012 and one of the lowest overall cable ratings for RAW in over 15 years.

As reported earlier, Monday Night Football on ESPN (with two games) drew an average of 13.95 million viewers. In comparison to prior years, RAW didn’t hold up well going up against the opening week of Monday Night Football.

2015: 2.42 rating
2014: 2.88 rating
2013: 2.91 rating
2012: 2.98 rating