Night of Champions PPV: Former star backstage, Sting injury

Some notes from Sunday’s WWE Night of Champions PPV.

* Former WWE and TNA star MVP was backstage at the PPV. MVP lives in Houston.

* Regarding the fan jumping into the ring following the entrance of Roman Reigns, WWE issued the following statement: “WWE takes the safety of our performers very seriously and any fan entering the ring area will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.”

* Sting appeared to suffer some kind of an injury after taking a corner powerbomb from Seth Rollins during the main event, collapsing moments later and taking a few minutes to recover. According to a report by The Wrestling Observer/Figure Four Online, the injury was indeed legitimate and described as “significant.” WWE has yet to officially comment on anything regarding Sting as of late Sunday night.

Source:, The Wrestling Observer/Figure Four Online