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PPV: WWE Breaking Point (September 13)
Written by: Anthony J. Valvo
Predictions by: staff and readers

Well students of WrestleView, another Pay-Per-View is underway shortly. This one is different. We have the first ever PPV in which the main events (and other matches) will be a submission match. Yes, we are talking about WWE Breaking Point. No funny quotes here from Mr. V, but I will provide you a definition of the term Breaking Point?.

Breaking Point – (noun) the point in which physical, mental, or emotional stress gives way under stress. (Credit: To let you know, The WrestleView Faculty does NOT have one. Now Jeff Hardy, who knows if his has crossed with his latest troubles.

Well, no long stories here as the Faculty will be presenting their selections after a two week recess (and some clear minds) from making picks after SummerSlam. If you do not know how this goes, I will explain it again. Each Pay-Per-View, I sent the PPV card to the columnists and recappers of WrestleView. What you see is what they exactly stated in the response back to my e-mail. After all are gathered we have a consensus. We also have a overall win-loss record since the Against All Odds PPV for TNA back in February. We will determine the overall winner after the Royal Rumble in 2010.

Now, this is where the fans (or students) can get interactive. You, the wrestling fan, can make your predictions for the pay-per-views as well. Just send your selections by e-mailing me at my NEW e-mail address: You may also post your picks on Facebook if one is so fortunate to be my Facebook friend. I average out all the wins and losses among the students and have an average win-loss record for the students. To the students with the single best record, you will be honored with a ?Mr. V Gold Star in the 33rd Edition of ?From the Desk of Mr. V?.

Also, how awesome is the fact that Lynard Skynard is going the song for the Pay-Per-View. That is awesome!!

So, before we make our predictions I must present the current standings for Predictions From The Faculty.

Current Standings (as of WWE’s SummerSlam)

**I added a space in between them so you can read them better**

1) Joe Baiamonte (Baiamonte’s Casa)???????????..?72-44 (6-2)
2) Josh Boutwell (Viva La Raza! and TNA Recapper)??..?.67-49 (7-1)
3) Jose Marrero (Wrestling Rumblings)???????????…66-50 (5-3)
4) David Stephens (That’s a Wrap! and ECW Recapper)??65-51 (7-1)
5) WrestleView Students (Our loyal readers)???????.?.65-51 (5-3)
6) Anthony Valvo (From the Desk of Mr. V.)???????..?59-57 (4-4)
7) Matt O?Brien (Notes from the Nosebleeds)???????.?58-43 (4-4)
8) Josh Piedra (The Shoot)??????????????????…57-39 (5-3)
9) Mike Siciliano (Pro’s From the Palace)??????????..54-36 (6-2)
10) Phil Chroniger (On Second Thought?)??????????..54-50 (3-5)
11) Doug Lackey (Reality From Ringside)??????????.?41-40 (6-2)
12) Chris Kelly (Ex-TNA Epics Recapper)????????..?..?40-26 (5-3)
13) Sean Hurley (The Sharpshooter)?????????????…40-29 (5-3)
14) Mike Tedesco (WWE S.S. and Smackdown Recapper)??21-10 (7-1)
15) Mike Klubnik (Stylin? and Profilin?)?????????????..14-12 (0-0)
16) Ryan Droste (Ask WV)???????????????????….4-4 (0-0)

**As of now (9:30 AM EST) I did not get predictions from David Stephens, Phil Chroniger, Mike Klubnik, and Ryan Droste. If I get them, they will be bonus feature below all our picks.

Well, it looks like this week Joe Baiamonte will maintain his top spot unless there is a complete meltdown on his behalf. However, there are plenty of spots on the line. So, who will be able to challenge Dean Baiamonte?

And now class, please allow us to present out predictions for WWE’s Breaking Point

Non-Title Matches

**Singapore Cane Match**
Kane vs. The Great Khali


Josh B. – KHALI. Who really cares? Will probably be horrible as expected.

Jose M. – Kane went over last month and you have to feel the point of a rematch was to give Khali back his win. However with the recent brawl between Khali and The Big Show who knows what is going to happen. I am going to stick to my guns and give this one to KHALI though.

Anthony V. – Do you ever watch a movie on FX and know it is bad but you still watch it? Well, this match is going to have this ?B? movie feel to me. This contest is tough to pick here, but since Kane won in their SummerSlam match I am going to throw THE GREAT KHALI a bone. Don?t be surprised if this is his last win ever on a WWE PPV.

Matt O. – KANE.

Josh P. – As Hunter Golden pointed out on Wrestling News Live… this match is just plain fun because it’s two big guys beating each other with sticks. I’m thinking that it’ll be Kane via Cane! KANE

Mike S. – KANE.

Doug L. – KHALI via Singapore cane slugging average of 2000%. Why am I imagining two behemoths in the ring dressed up like jedi knights cosplaying for the nerds in the crowd? Khali: “BAAAAAA!!! I’m your father!!!”


Sean H. – I’m going to, perhaps, go out on a limb here and pick KANE.

Mike T. – They’ll trade the win here and give it to KHALI this time. Who cares anyway? This over Morrison and Ziggler? What?!

Consensus: Close battle here, but with the fat that Kane won the last PPV between the two it could be quite fitting that THE GREAT KHALI gets his revenge on Kane after his loss to the Big Red Monster last month. Though it was a tight battle, The Faculty gives the edge to Khali.

Final Vote: THE GREAT KHALI 7; Kane 4.

**Submissions Count Anywhere Match**
Degeneration X (HBK/HHH) vs. Legacy (Cody Rhodes/Ted DiBiase)

Joe B. – DX.

Josh B. – DX. Just don’t see either HBK or HHH submitting to Cody or Teddy.

Jose M. – As much as everyone talks about how much Legacy needs to go over here I feel at this point it really doesn’t matter. Truth of the matter is Ted Dibiase is going to go babyface in a few months and a loss here could be the catalyst that sparks it. I don’t think it hurts them to do a job here because they won’t be a team much longer, where a submission loss for DX could hurt them extremely. I give this one to DEGENERATION X.

Anthony V. – Again, I would love to see Legacy pull through and most of the world here. But my mind is stronger than my heart so I will say someway; somehow that DEGENERATION X pulls out the victory yet again as HBK and HHH BOTH put a Sharpshooter on the young tag team.

Matt O. – LEGACY.

Josh P. – D-Generation X went over at Summerslam and I think with the Submissions Count Anywhere rule, that means we are going to see some sort of interference from either Randy Orton or some cheating and heel chicanery from Rhodes and DiBiase. I have a feeling that Priceless will be walking out the winners in this one as I can’t see them jobbing to DX two months in a row… even from a storyline standpoint. PRICELESS

Mike S. – DX.

Doug L. – LEGACY via tying up the rivalry for the potential mega-violent rubber match. Follow me on this one? DX + Cena vs. Legacy + Orton Hell in a Cell? Sure it sounds like a cluster…. but it is definitely up WWE’s alley.

Chris K. – LEGACY.

Sean H. – DX.

Mike T. – I can’t see either HBK or HHH tapping to these two. DX will submit Legacy.

Consensus: The consensus was quite surprising when I got the overall results. On one end, a few of the members went with Legacy because this team would need a benchmark win and who better than Degeneration X. On the other hand, the slight majority gives the nod to DEGENERATION X for a number of reasons. The most dominant being the fact that DX will just simply make Cody and Ted submit. But the slimmest of margins, The Faculty this weekend went with DX.

Final Vote: DEGENERATION X 7; Legacy 4.

Title Matches

**Unified Tag Team Championship Match**
Chris Jericho/Big Show (c’s) vs. MVP and Mark Henry


Josh B. – JERISHOW. MVP & Henry just seems like a thrown together team for one month.

Jose M. – DX is going to need someone to feud with when they are done with Legacy and I think Jericho and Show are prime candidates. That can’t happen if they are not champions so I am going to go with JERICHO and BIG SHOW here.

Anthony V. – I really like how they set this one up. MVP compliments Jericho well and Mark Henry is perfect to feud with Big Show. Still, I don?t think the new formation is ready to take the reigns yet. I really think this match could steal the show if it last longer than ten minutes?and JERISHOW will come out on top of this one. I would not be surprised if I am wrong here.


Josh P. – MVP/Henry just feel like such a makeshift team… I can’t see them walking out with the championship belts. I think that there is so much the two of them could do on a singles level and it is my belief that this match is only happening to try and get them over a little more, but in the end, Jerishow will end up retaining the titles. JERISHOW.


Doug L. – JERICHO/SHOW via ‘one more month’. It’s been nearly two months since Jericho and Show have been established as a tandem; Henry and MVP are the recipients of the perpetual push within the ranks. Now is not the time to change the titles, now is not the time to drape the belts on the ‘new breed’s’ shoulders. One more month, then it can be done.

Chris K. – Y2J/BIG SHOW.


Mike T. – JERISHOW will retain here… hopefully.

Consensus: Let’s cue the band?

Though MVP and Mark Henry have been a bit dominant this past month on RAW, The Faculty have not faith that they will take the titles off of THE JERISHOW right now. All the professors have chosen Jericho and Show for at least one more PPV to successfully defend their titles against the hungry challengers of MVP and Mark Henry.

Final Vote: JERISHOW 11; Montel Vontavious Porter/Mark Henry 0.

**United States Championship Match**
Kofi Kingston (c) vs. The Miz

Joe B. – KOFI.

Josh B. – KOFI.

Jose M. – I have been feeling this guys been ready for a while and his time is now. Kofi has been stale whether it be by his own fault or creative in his time as champion. Give this one to the MIZ.

Anthony V. – Why did this take the Morrison/Mr. Ziggles spot? Probably because I think this would be a much shorter program. The Miz will dominate this match because I now see Kofi as this one-sided wrestler, as Kofi has too much high-flying ability. Will The Miz win this one? Not yet. KOFI retains, but The Miz can win this within a couple months if pushed correctly.

Matt O. – THE MIZ.

Josh P. – Wow… so this is what we get instead of Morrison vs Ziggler? Filler… nothing important going to happen. KOFI Wins.

Mike S. – KOFI.

Doug L. – KOFI via another case of ‘not right now’-itis. It’s going to take a while for me to believe that Miz is one of the upper-echelon performers when he had been annihilated by Cena twice, kicked out of Raw, and reinstated after relocating to Calgary. Maybe in another month, build a decent rivalry/feud, then I’ll believe the hype.

Chris K. – THE MIZ! Because he’s awesome!!

Sean H. – KOFI. I wish they didn’t forget about this feud for the past couple weeks.

Mike T. – The guy gets squashed all summer so naturally he’s in line for the title. I can’t take him seriously. I think KOFI will retain here.

Consensus: This match was just announced Saturday, replacing the scrapped John Morrison vs. Mr. Ziggles match. Anyways this is for the other secondary title on the RAW Brand and should be a nice moderate match for the people paying good money for this show. The Faculty members had a tough decision on this one. Some picked The Miz because after his jobbing to Cena, he has been tearing up the mid-card ranks on RAW. However, the majority of our professors chose KOFI KINGSTON to defend with the idea that no one is quite ready to drop the US Title just yet. On a side note, I agree with Prof. Piedra’s take on this.

Final Vote: KOFI KINGSTON 8; The Miz 3.

**ECW Championship Match**
Christian (c) vs. William Regal


Josh B. – REGAL. Regal will have Skyscrapers 2K9 in his corner so I think he’ll take it in a semi-upset.

Jose M. – This match doesn’t have the submission stipulation that other brands title matches have which makes me feel that somehow REGAL is going to come out on top in this one.

Anthony V. – This will last more than a perfect bull ride this time (8 seconds). This is the toughest one to pick because they are both pretty dang equal in the ring. I can see the officials ejecting Regal’s ruthless roundtable. Perhaps the ECW Title is what Regal needs, but there are not many faces on that roster that are worthy. Christian is a very good ECW Champ, but is his run with the platinum getting stale? Coin flip time?it says REGAL. So, the 2008 King of the Ring will be a NEW ECW Champion.

Matt O. – REGAL.

Josh P. – This one is going to be a dark horse style match. Add in Kozlov and Jackson as possibilities, I think that it will be near impossible for Christian to walk out of this match with the championship. Therefore your new ECW Champion will be William Regal. WILLIAM REGAL

Mike S. – REGAL.

Doug L. – REGAL via change of scenery. It’s time for a change for Christian. Maybe a new venue, a change of pace… maybe form a tag team and go after some new titles? Maybe an impromptu trade to another brand for new rivalries? Anything would be better for Christian and better for the ECW brand to potentially push new blood for the strap… another Dreamer run? Spontaneous Sheamus champion? Shelton getting another mediocre strap? Who knows.


Sean H. – Here’s to hoping this match goes longer than 15 seconds. I’m picking CHRISTIAN.

Mike T. – WILLIAM REGAL will reign supreme.

Consensus: Ouch! The Faculty does not have a lot of faith in Christian here, as only two pressors predict a successful title defense here. The rest of The Faculty predict a NEW ECW Champion in this one, as WILLIAM (don?t call me Bill) REGAL to find a way and steal the title away from the man known as Captain Charisma (or to TNA fans The Instant Classic. If we were betting men, we would go with Regal.

Final Vote: WILLIAM REGAL 9; Christian 2.

**WWE Championship Match**
**I Quit Match (if someone interferes to benefit Orton, he is stripped from the title per Mr. McMahon) **
Randy Orton (c) vs. John Cena

Joe B. – ORTON.

Josh B. – CENA. I just don’t see Cena saying I Quit at any point, ever.

Jose M. – John Cena guaranteed a win here and well when a babyface guarantees you can take it to the bank. Give this one to CENA.

Anthony V. – Don?t be surprised if Batista makes his return here. I know he has an announcement on RAW Monday, but I can see him returning to interfere. I know I am crazy when I say that, but I want to think outside the box. Another coin flip here and I am going to say though SuperCena is almost invincible on PPVs, I am going to say RANDY ORTON defends the title and continue his reign as King of RAW.

Matt O. – CENA.

Josh P. – As much as it pains me to say this… I think Randy Orton’s reign will either come to an end or end up with a bump in the road tonight. John Cena will be your new WWE Champion where it will set up a Cena vs Orton return match where Orton may get the title back, but until that happens, Cena will be wearing the gold once again. Plus, this may be all due to the foreshadowing of the impending break up or reformation of Legacy… so we’ll see. JOHN CENA

Mike S. – ORTON.

Doug L. – CENA via prolonging a great rivalry. Summerslam’s title match was tremendous… can it be outdone? How about Legacy attempting to interfere… DX cutting them off… and threatening Orton 3-on-1 in an empty ring, weapons in hand, Orton cowering and saying those two words. Enter the rematch… in a cluster. 6-man Cell match where the competitor getting the pinfall gets the title. Confused? Me too… right up WWE’s alley.

Chris K. – JOHN CENA.

Sean H. – CENA. I just can’t see him saying I quit.

Mike T. – JOHN CENA takes it all in this one.

Consensus: I am not surprised by the total outcome on this one. Though Orton has been the champion and found ways to overcome the odds and keeping his WWE Championship before the wide majority of us can?t see JOHN CENA saying ?I Quit? in any match, let along a PPV (Cena has only lost 2 PPV matches this year). So, The Faculty takes another NEW champion, as John Cena will be a World Champion for the 6th time in his illustrious career.

Final Vote: JOHN CENA 8; Randy Orton 3.

**World Heavyweight Championship Match**
**Submission Match**
CM Punk (c) vs. The Undertaker


Josh B. – PUNK. This is my upset of the night, I see Punk getting the upset win by forcing Taker to pass out to the Anaconda Vice.

Jose M. – This is Montreal right? Well this would be the match where they might dust off the “Screw Job” finish. I think the whole idea of booking this first time ever match as a submission match is retarded. Punk is looking great as champion so far, and Undertaker really can’t submit upon his return. Plus they got to set up for the Hell in a Cell rematch in 3 weeks. At one point I thought Schmozz and No Contest but I think something screwy will happen and CM PUNK will retain.

Anthony V. – This will be a potentially fun match to watch, and could very well be on many a fan’s Top 5 of 2009. I can?t see The Undertaker winning this match tonight, but on the next PPV he should. So that leaves the question if Taker wins by DQ? Doubt it since you can only win a match by submission (that is what Wiki is saying). I will probably have a losing record once this is all said and done, but I will pick CM PUNK to successfully defend his title (YouTube Internet Bloggers can throw the F Bombs right now).


Josh P. – I don’t know how… but C.M. Punk will be walking out with the title. Whether he actually gets Undertaker to tap or by some screw job (I’m guessing something to set up Matt Hardy vs CM Punk down the road), but to take the title off of Punk at this point would be a travesty. I also can’t see WWE jobbing the Undertaker unless it is to a major superstar like a Shawn Michaels, Triple H, or a Steve Austin… so I think Punk will find a back door out with the title, but I think Undertaker will take the win via DQ. THE UNDERTAKER

Mike S. – TAKER.

Doug L. – CM PUNK via the dead becoming unconscious. There’s something truly unethical about someone coming back from a 6-month hiatus and being placed in a stipulation-laden championship match. Now is not the time… Taker-Punk HIAC? Lord no… just a regular title match or someone interfering… but now is not the time for Taker to have a title or to show a tremendous amount of vulnerability.

Chris K. – UNDERTAKER. (CM punk passes out so Taker wins but doesn?t win belt)

Sean H. – I don?t think Taker will tap but I want Punk to keep his title. Hmm….Can’t bet against Taker I guess so I’m picking TAKER.

Mike T. – UNDERTAKER will win… by DQ!

Consensus: This outcome was quite surprising here (in a way). The leaders of the standings went one direction and chose CM Punk to find a way to retain his World Heavyweight Champion. But the majority of those gaining ground opted to go with THE UNDERTAKER in his return from some injuries earlier this year. After much debate and discussion, the slight majority of The Fauclty went with ?The Deadman? (but still Punk may be champion).

Final Vote: THE UNDERTAKER 6; CM Punk 5.

Well, that wraps up our selections. Just one question to ask, what are your picks? Please let The Faculty know by e-mailing me at or presenting your picks to me on my Facebook Page. I will send you confirmation that I did receive it so your score will count. So, on behalf of the entire WrestleView Faculty I say to those who read it (and the few that present predictions)?Thank You. Without the students, we probably would not have continued this friendly feud between the Pro Wrestling’s elite columnists and recappers. Seriously, which wrestling website out there presents a variety such as this one? Take Care and I will see the students on Wednesday. Enjoy Breaking Point! You are all???DISMISSED!!

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