10/3 WWE Results: Bangor, Maine (Reigns vs. Wyatt)

10/3 WWE Results: Bangor, Maine

Neil Day sent in this live report.

Cesaro def. The Miz.

Fandango def. Heath Slater.

Braun Stroman def. Jack Swagger.

The Lucha Dragons def. The Acension and Los Matadores in a triple threat tag team match.

Natayla def. Sasha Banks.

Dean Ambrose def. Luke Harper.

R-Truth def. Adam Rose.

Ryback def. King Barrett.

Roman Reigns def Bray Wyatt in a no dq match. In the main event, Bray Wyatt got his hand cut pretty badly and the match was stopped briefly so that the WWE doctors could clean and tape up the wound.