NXT TakeOver: Respect Results – 10/7/15 (Bayley vs. Banks)

WWE NXT TakeOver: Respect Results 10/7/15

WWE NXT TakeOver: Respect Results
October 7, 2015
Winter Park, Florida (Full Sail University)
Report by: Jason Namako of Wrestleview.com

A video package opens focusing on respect and tonight’s main event featuring Bayley vs. Sasha Banks in a 30 Minute Iron Man Match for the NXT Women’s Championship.

Rich Brennan, Byron Saxton and Corey Graves welcome us to the show live at Full Sail.

Finn Balor (sans The Demon) is out first to kick off the show.

Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Semifinal Match
NXT Champion Finn Balor & Samoa Joe vs. Scott Dawson & Dash Wilder

Samoa Joe goes after Dash Wilder right away after Finn Balor gets tossed out. Wilder with stomps and tag to Scott Dawson. Dawson with body shots to Joe in the corner and then rakes the face of Joe across the top rope. Tag to Wilder who works over Joe in the corner with kicks. Wilder with uppercuts and elbows to Joe. Joe with a big kick to the head of Wilder. Balor gets the tag and chops away. Balor dropkicks both Dawson and Wilder out of the ring. Balor hits the ropes, leaps over and takes out both men at ringside! Balor sets up Dawson for a stomp and Wilder breaks it up. Dawson chop blocks the knee of Balor. Tag to Wilder who stomps away at the knee of Balor. Wilder goes to work on the left knee of Balor. Dawson with the tag and kicks to Balor’s bad knee. Repeated tags between Wilder and Dawson as each work over the knee of Balor. Dawson throws the knee of Balor against the steel ring post at ringside. Dawson with the tag and applies a half leg boston crab on Balor. Balor reaches the bottom rope to break it up. Balor with a huge elbow to Dawson from the corner and then kicks Dawson out. Wilder pulls Joe down as Balor attempted a hot tag. This allows Wilder to drop an elbow over Balor who was setup by Dawson over his knee. Wilder tries to prevent another tag, but Balor reaches Joe this time. Joe with an atomic drop on Wilder, boot to the face and senton splash. Joe with a huge scoop powerslam on Wilder. Joe spikes Wilder in the corner and gets him setup for the Muscle Buster. Joe with a Muscle Buster on Wilder and Balor off the top with a stomp. Balor hooks the leg of Wilder, Joe takes out Dawson and Balor gets the pinfall.

Winners: NXT Champion Finn Balor & Samoa Joe

After the match, we see a shot of the tournament graphic. Finn Balor and Samoa Joe have now advanced to the finals later tonight. We see a shot of the Dusty Rhodes Classic tournament that is being display in the entrance area.

Backstage, we see a shot of Sasha Banks warming up.

We see highlights of the recent NXT tour including the Louder Than Life festival.

Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Semifinal Match
Jason Jordan & Chad Gable vs. Rhyno & Baron Corbin

We start with Baron Corbin and Jason Jordan. Lock up and Corbin pushes Jordan away. Jordan with a waist lock and a series of takedowns on Corbin holding on. Corbin responds with a quick takedown and a quick elbow. Tag to Rhyno. Jordan with a big takedown on Rhyno early. Tag to Chad Gable who sunset flips over Jordan to Rhyno. Rhyno launches Gable to the corner and hits a few kicks and chops. Loud “GABLE” chants at Full Sail. Rhyno catches Gable with a shoulder tackle. Gable works over the left arm of Rhyno and tags in Jordan. Jordan with a sledgehammer drop over the left arm and goes to work on it. Tag back to Gable as we get a double suplex from both into a bridge on Rhyno for two. Gable with an armbar on Rhyno falling back on the ropes! Rhyno fights out and knees Gable to the outside. Corbin tosses Gable repeatedly into the side of the ring tron. Corbin chokes Gable on the bottom rope as he gets the tag. Tag to Rhyno who lands a kick to Gable in the corner. Rhyno grounds Gable applying a headlock. Rhyno with a forearm shot to the back of Gable to cut off a comeback. Tag to Corbin who presses his knee against the back of Gable on the bottom rope. Corbin wrenches the neck of Gable. Tag to Rhyno who plants Gable with a scoop slam near the corner. Rhyno is going to the top turnbuckle and misses with a splash when Gable rolls out of the way. Tags to Corbin and hot tag to Jrodan. Jordan with a dropkicks to Corbin and Rhyno. Jordan launches Corbin to the corner and tosses Rhyno over the top rope. Jordan with a back suplex on Corbin and drops the straps in the corner. Jordan with a spear to Corbin in the corner. Tag to Gable. Corbin clotheslines Jordan. Corbin with a twisting side slam on Gable. Jordan breaks up the pinfall. Rhyno with a belly to belly on Jordan. Gable with a german suplex with a bridge and Rhyno barely is able to break up the pinfall. Rhyno with a Gore on Jordan. Rhyno rolls out with Jordan. Corbin with the End of Days on Gable and gets the pinfall.

Winners: Rhyno & Baron Corbin

A video package runs focusing on Asuka.

Asuka vs. Dana Brooke w/ Emma

Brennan and Graves talked about Asuka’s popularity in Japan. Asuka extands a hand and Dana slaps her. Lock up and Asuka works the left arm of Dana. Dana responds also working the left arm. Asuka gets a hammerlock applied. Dana breaks free, taps the top of Asuka’s head and then slaps her. Asuka explodes with strikes. Asuka with a jumping hip attack and mocks Dana with her poses. Asuka and Dana trade elbows. Asuka with an armbar on Dana. Dana gets to the ropes and Asuka explodes with kicks. Emma wraps up the boots of Asuka in the ring apron allowing Dana to get in some shots. Dana with shoulder charges, boot to the jaw and then gets Asuka grounded applying a body scissors submission. Asuka counters and gets a kneebar into an ankle lock applied. Asuka then grabs Dana and tosses her back in a german suplex! Asuka with a jumping armbar! Dana rolls out and Asuka goes into a modified crossface chickenwing. Asuka drops Dana with a big boot to the chin. Emma is up on the ring apron. Asuka with a shot to Emma and a dropkick to the face of Dana. Asuka Lock applied on Dana. Dana tries to hold on. Dana taps out.

Winner: Asuka

After the match concludes, Dana refuses a handshake after, Asuka lays her out with a spin kick, then stares down Emma. 

(Jason Namako filling in for Adam on the recap)

Commentary talks about Balor’s leg injury suffered early on in the show, we see replay. We see the trainer working on Balor’s leg backstage while Samoa Joe looks on concerned.

We see another vignette on Nia Jax. 

“Prince Pretty” Tyler Breeze vs. Apollo Crews

Feeling-out process early. Crews with a shoulder tackle, then a dropkick, sending Breeze outside to regroup. Crews goes out after Breeze, hitting a Pounce. Back in, Breeze catches Crews coming in, but Crews with a 20-second delayed suplex for 2. Breeze sees Crews going & over, but Crews blocks a roll-up. Breeze goes to the eyes, then schoolboys Crews all the way outside. They fight outside, Breeze slips out of a slam and sends Crews flipping into the mini-tron against the apron! Back in, Breeze gets 2. Breeze sends Crews hard into the corner, gets another 2. Chinlock applied, with the knee driven into the back. Dueling chants by the crowd. Crews to his feet, but Breeze with a Cobra Clutch Backstabber for 2. Breeze heads up top, but Crews gorilla presses him from the corner. Breeze slips out, takes Crews down, Sharpshooter locked in! Crews thinks about tapping, but powers up and is able to reach the ropes to force a break. Breeze has words with the ref, allowing Crews to hit a Flying Sit-Out Clothesline. Breeze goes back to the lower back of Crews. Breeze goes for 10 punches in the corner, then counters a powerbomb from out of the corner with a rana and a series of right hands. More right hands, but Crews comes back with an enziguri. Crews sent to the apron, then Tiger Flips back in, but Breeze catches him with the Supermodel Kick for a close 2. Breeze sends Crews outside and hits him on the apron with a Triangle Dropkick. Breeze heads up top and leaps off, but Crews catches him in mid-air with a powerslam for 2. Crews goes for the Crews Combination, but Breeze gets the knees up off the standing moonsault, inside cradle for a close 2. Running corner forearms by Breeze, but Crews catches him off the third with a pump kick! Standing Blue Thunder Bomb by Crews for the win.

Winner: Apollo Crews by pinfall (Standing Blue Thunder Bomb)

Crews celebrates his win afterward, as we see Funaki and Hideo Itami in the front row. 

We see Bayley preparing for the main event tonight backstage. 

We again see video of Finn Balor’s leg injury from earlier. 

We hear Dusty’s voice in a pre-tape prior to the finals of the Dusty Rhodes Classic.

Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Finals
Rhyno & Baron Corbin vs. NXT Champion Finn Balor & Samoa Joe

Pre-match intros for this one. Balor & Rhyno start. Crowd chants for Balor. Quick roll-up by Balor for only 1. Balor avoids Rhyno, Corbin tags in. Corbin goes right to the leg, but Balor with a dropkick. Joe in, peppers Corbin with jabs and gut shots in the corner, followed by a tomahawk chop. Snapmare, back chop, FK, leaping knee drop by Joe for only 1. More jabs and a headbutt by Joe, but Corbin comes back with a tree slam for 2. Corbin unloads with right hands from the mount, gets 1. Rhyno in, begins to take control on Joe as Joe is favoring his back. Running spear by Rhyno in the corner, followed by a Belly-to-Belly for only 1. Chinlock applied, crowd wills on Joe. Joe fights back, but Rhyno regains control. Corbin in, gets 2. Front facelock applied, Joe fights back, but Corbin with a series of avalanches in the corner, followed by a big boot for another 2. Joe comes back with the running corner back elbow/enziguri combo.  Balor in, running dropkick to Rhyno, flying forearm and a running corner chop to Corbin. Balor goes up & over, but favors the leg. Corbin goes to the ropes, but Balor catches him with an enziguri. Balor begins to head up top, but Rhyno chopblocks the injured leg. Corbin has Balor’s leg, drives it repeatedly into the ringpost. Back in, Corbin with repeated shots to the injured leg, crowd wills on Balor. Series of avalanches by Corbin, followed by the Bossman Slam for a close 2. Corbin continues to go after the leg, then taunts the crowd. Running right hands by Corbin, but Balor comes back with the Slingblade. Joe & Rhyno get the tags. Two clotheslines, inverted atomic drop, running boot, running back senton by Joe. Rhyno reverses a whip, ST-Joe by Joe, followed by a regular STO to Corbin. Distraction allows Rhyno to hit Joe with the Gore, but Balor breaks up the pin. Wrap-around DDT by Balor to Corbin, then he clotheslines Corbin outside. Apron PK by Balor to Corbin, but Rhyno nails Balor outside. Rhyno goes for another Gore, but Joe catches him with a kick.

Balor tags in, Muscle Buster by Joe, Coup de Grace by Balor! 1-2-3!

Winners of the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic: NXT Champion Finn Balor & Samoa Joe by pinfall (Muscle Buster/Coup de Grace combo)

Balor & Joe celebrate their win as Cody & Dustin Rhodes come in, along with other members of the Rhodes family, presenting Balor & Joe with the trophy. Loud “Dusty” chants by the crowd. Cody has the mic and says that John Wayne died 36 years ago on the same day as Dusty and said that there is some things you can run from, but we can remember, we can respect, a very wise man once said that Dusty Rhodes is the oak of NXT, well I called him “Dad.” For four decades, he was part of all of your lives, so tonight, we make it official that we are all “Rhodes.” “Rhodes” chants by the crowd as Dusty’s music begin playing. “Thank you Dusty” chants by the crowd. 

We see Charlotte, Becky Lynch, Lita and Stephanie McMahon sitting in the front row. “Women’s wrestling” chants by the crowd. 

We see video spotlighting the main event. 

Main Event – NXT Women’s Championship 30 Minute Iron Man Match
Bayley (c) vs. Sasha Banks

Pre-match intros for this one. “Main event” chants by the crowd. Commentary notes that this is the 10th Iron Man match in WWE history. “This is awesome” and “You deserve it” chants by the crowd as the bell sounds.

They stare each other down to start, “NXT” chants by the crowd. Lock-up and a clean break. Sasha with a side headlock and a shoulder tackle for only 1. Crucifix for another 1. Oklahoma Roll for another 1. Front chancery applied back to the side headlock. Sasha misses a clothesline, Bayley now with a shoulder tackle, Crucifix and Oklahoma Roll for multiple 1 counts, stalemate. Backslide by Bayley for 1. They battle in the backslide, inside cradle for Sasha for 2. Jackknife Pin by Bayley for 1. Another pin attempt by Sasha for 2. La Magistral and a roll-up by Bayley for 2 counts. Sasha responds with a dropkick. Series of Japanese Arm Drags by Bayley for 1. Bayley goes to work on Sasha’s arm. Bayley misses a clothesline, spinning headscissors by Sasha. Sasha sent onto the apron, knucklelock applied. Sasha heads up top, Lucha Arm Drag. Bayley blocks the Headscissors Snake Eyes and the Backstabber, Sasha blocks Belly-to-Bayley, another stalemate. We see replay of the 2nd Japanese Arm Drag that saw Sasha land awkwardly. Bayley helps Sasha to her feet, but Sasha drives her down by the hair for 2. Bayley now with a Lucha Armdrag and a flying corner clothesline. Running sliding uppercut to the back of Sasha’s head, followed by a sliding clothesline and a dropkick that sends Sasha outside. Running through-the-corner dropkicks by Bayley to Sasha around ringside. Back in, Bayley trips Sasha up, running bulldog for 2. Sasha with a roll-up with her feet on the ropes, but the ref catches her. Both almost hit the ref, but Sasha pokes Bayley in the ropes and rolls her up to get the first fall.

Sasha Banks goes up 1-0 on Bayley by pinfall (Roll-up after eye poke).

Both women begin brawling with one another. Bayley sends Sasha repeatedly off the turnbuckles, but then Sasha sends Bayley off the middle turnbuckle. Sasha sets up Bayley in the ropes, but Bayley catches the Draping Double Knees and Snake Eyes Sasha off the top turnbuckle. Sasha comes back with a big forearm, but Bayley pulls her off the ropes. 

Belly-to-Bayley by Bayley ties things up.

Bayley ties things up at 1 fall apiece by pinfall (Belly-to-Bayley).

They go outside, Sasha catches another Bayley through-the-corner dropkicks and SWINGS BAYLEY INTO THE STEEL STEPS! Sasha sends Bayley multiple times into the steps, then puts the badmouth to Bayley’s superfan Izzy, who is seated front row. Back in, Sasha gets 2. Bayley sent back outside and tweaked her knee. Sasha grabs Bayley and sends her FLIPPING INTO THE LCD MINI-TRON IN THE ENTRANCE WAY!! 

Sasha has more words for Bayley, referee counts to 10 and Bayley is counted out. 

Sasha Banks goes up 2-1 by count-out. 

Sasha has Bayley’s headband and continues to taunt Izzy in the front row, causing Izzy to break down in tears. Ref starts another 10 count, but Sasha goes outside and brings Bayley back in. Sasha gets 2. Sasha puts more badmouth on Bayley, then catches an underneath kick and hits a backbreaker for 2. Boston Crab applied with a stomp to Bayley’s head. Bayley crawls, but Sasha with more stomps to the head as Bayley is able to make the ropes. Sasha goes for it again, but Bayley counters it with a pin to tie things back up.

Bayley ties things up at 2 falls apiece by pinfall. 

Sasha drapes Bayley across the ropes, but Bayley avoids Draping Double Knees in the corner. Series of double sledges, followed by an inverted Slingblade for 2. Series of running corner back elbows by Bayley, followed by 2nd Rope Flying Back Elbow for 2. Bayley suplexes Sasha into a Tree of Woe, then hits the running springboard elbow drop for another 2. 10 minutes left as they fight up top. Sasha slips out of the Super Rana, crotches Bayley and puts her now in the Tree of Woe, hitting the Double Knees for a close 2. Sasha puts Bayley back in the Tree of Woe and mocks her again. Bayley gets herself free, but Sasha puts her back in it. Sasha charges, but Bayley moves and Sasha goes shoulder-first into the ringpost! Sasha falls outside as Bayley tries to recover up on top. Bayley kicks Sasha off, then hits a through-the-ropes dropkick. Bayley sends Sasha’s wrist off the steps multiple times, then back in, gets another 2. Sasha sent onto the apron, Divorce Court by Bayley across the ropes to the wrist of Sasha. Bayley sets up the steel steps, but Sasha with a forearm. They exchange shots, then Bayley again sends Sasha’s wrist off the steps. Bayley then leaps off the steps, flying clothesline wipes out Sasha! Sasha kicks Bayley off, sending Bayley into the steps. Sasha gets back in as the ref continues his 10 count. Sasha then with a head of steam, but Bayley catches Sasha off the tope suicida, BELLY-TO-BAYLEY ON THE FLOOR!! Back in, Bayley only gets 2 as we near 5 minutes left. “Iron Woman” chants by the crowd. They head back up top, Sasha knocks Bayley off, but Bayley responds and heads back up. Sasha again knocks her down, but Bayley runs up the ropes, SUPER BELLY-TO-BAYLEY!! 1-2….SASHA GETS HER FOOT ON THE ROPE!!! “This is awesome” chants as we are at 3 minutes left. They head back up top, with Sasha facing the crowd. Bayley goes up top for the Super Reverse Rana, but SASHA LANDS ON HER FEET!! BELLY-TO-BAYLEY BY SASHA!!! 1-2…..BAYLEY KICKS OUT!!! BANK STATEMENT APPLIED!! 2 MINUTES LEFT!!! 90 SECONDS LEFT as Bayley tries to reach the ropes, but Sasha stops Bayley from countering out with 1 MINUTE LEFT, BACK IN THE CENTER!! Sasha stomps at Bayley’s hand, but Bayley spikes Sasha’s hand into the mat to break the hold! 30 Seconds Left as Sasha goes for the Bank Statement again, but Bayley counters out into a SICK LOOKING ARMBAR!! 5-4-3-2…SASHA TAPS!

Bayley wins 3-2 by submission (Armbar).

Winner and STILL NXT Women’s Champion: Bayley (3 falls to 2)

Bayley celebrates her title retention afterwards as we see replay of the big moments of the match. The entire NXT roster comes out on the rampway to congratulate Bayley and Sasha on their match. Triple H, Stephanie McMahon and William Regal present Sasha with flowers in the rampway. “Thank you Sasha” chants by the crowd. Triple H then gets it and embraces Bayley, handing her own set of flowers. “You deserve it” chants by the crowd for Bayley as the NXT roster gives her a standing ovation as the show closes. 

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