WWE and TNA UK TV Ratings

For the week ending February 28 2010…

Impact from February 25 (airing on Bravo on February 27) drew 91,000 viewers in the first airing of the week (+26,000 viewers) – the Bravo+1 airing didn’t draw a rating in the top 10…

For some reason we don’t have Raw ratings (from February 22) – I’m not sure whether Raw aired on a different channel (it was meant to air on Sky Sports 3, but they have no mention of Raw this week) or what happened, but that would potentially mean that Raw drew 25,000 viewers or less for this week in its various airings.

SmackDown from February 26 – drew 165,000 viewers in its first airing (another reason to believe the lack of Raw is a snafu, and not some huge anti-Raw movement)

The debut episode of NXT drew 38,000 viewers in its first airing.

courtesy of Ian Hamilton – www.theianhamilton.com