NXT GM William Regal posted the following on Twitter giving fans an injury update after his second neck injury that was spotlighted by WWE.com on Thursday:

“Look at the state of my luscious locks !Just so you here it from me, I had a c-3 through c-6 Laminectomy last Wednesday. I wanted to put it out there so no one can weave a more interesting tale. I’m slowly on the mend. I mean this in all sincerity that I’m not one for sympathy so please no need to tell me.

Best wishes and the like. It’s just part of the life I’ve choose and wouldn’t change a thing. No need to tell me you’re praying for me as it would be a wasted prayer. Save that for people who need real help if that’s you’re thing. The only thank you is from me to you for allowing me to entertain you for the last 32 years.”