WWE 2K16 New Moves Pack DLC available now

Courtesy of WWE.com:

WWE 2K16 New Moves Pack DLC available now

It’s time to make your move in WWE 2K16.

On Tuesday, 2K released the New Moves Pack, its first downloadable content offering for WWE 2K16. The New Moves Pack offers over 30 new maneuvers for gamers to master as they customize their favorite Superstars and Divas into lean, mean, virtual fighting machines. Now fans can access the New Moves Pack for Sony PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, as well as Sony PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 for $3.99. WWE 2K16 is rated T for Teen by the ESRB.

Some of the maneuvers found in the WWE 2K16 New Moves Pack, which can be viewed in GIF form in the subsequent pages of this article, include:

Armbar Leg Lock
Avalanche Ram-Paige
Crossface Chicken Wing
Dragon Sleeper
Gut Check-Sick Kick combination
Inverted Alabama Slam
Leaping Mushroom Stomp
Sit-out Last Ride Powerbomb
Sit-out Pendulum Facebuster
Ura Shouten
… and more!

WWE 2K16 Season Pass subscribers can download the New Moves Pack now for no additional cost. That’s in addition to the benefits Season Pass subscribers already receive, including the Accelerator, 2K Showcase featuring the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2015, and Legends and Future Stars Packs.