WWE continuing to take security precautions at live events

WCHS-TV out of Huntington, West Virginia, where WWE had a live event over the weekend, has a new article up noting that WWE is continuing to take extra security precautions prior to their live events ever since a report revealed that ISIS was going to target the Survivor Series PPV last week in Atlanta for a terrorist attack.

The article notes that prior to Sunday’s WWE live event in Huntington, fans were asked to arrive early to the venue where the show was being held and had to go through multiple levels of security precautions, including removing any items from a purse or backpack into a clear bag, then taking their purse or backpack back to their vehicle.

How long WWE plans to continue enforcing precautions prior to events remains to be seen.

WCHSTV.com: Extra Security Precautions Taken At WWE Event In Huntington