The following was taped on Tuesday night in Hershey, Pennsylvania.

WWE Smackdown taping results for December 3, 2015:

* Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and The Usos opened the show standing in the ring. Reigns talked about family referencing The Usos and Ambrose. The League of Nations interrupts along with New Day. Sheamus said tonight it would be Reigns and his family against the League of Nations. New Day added that if Ambrose and The Usos couldn’t beat them later tonight, then Reigns would be forced to face the League of Nations by himself.

* Tyler Breeze def. Neville.

* Backstage, Becky Lynch said she didn’t think Charlotte would be going down the same path as Paige. Brie Bella walks up and said Becky is going to drown in her own shame. Charlotte showed up and said she would be in Becky’s corner tonight.

* Brie Bella def. Becky Lynch via DQ. During the match, Charlotte attacked Brie after she accidentally knocked her off the ring apron. Charlotte and Becky argued.

* Backstage, The Miz made fun of Neville’s ears, said he had no charisma and offered to take him under his wing. He then gave Neville a copy of his new Christmas movie.

* The New Day def. Dean Ambrose & The Usos.

* Bray Wyatt def. D-Von Dudley. After the match, The Wyatt’s beat down The Dudley’s and Tommy Dreamer. Dreamer got put through a table by Erick Rowan.

* Roman Reigns def. The League of Nations when Sheamus was counted out. After the match, Dean Ambrose and The Usos hit the ring.