Brian Fritz of Sporting News is featuring an interview with WWE star Big E talking about backing the Iowa Hawkeyes against Michigan State in the Big 10 Championship game taking place on Saturday night live from Indianapolis.

On why he is backing Iowa against Michigan State:

“I don’t think a lot of people really predicted it to be a 12-0-type season but it’s very cool to see. It’s one of the toughest Iowa teams that I can remember seeing. It’s pretty remarkable so I’m quite proud to go out and watch these guys play their best and deal with a lot of difficulties and adversity. It’s the state of Iowa, it’s not Florida, Texas, California. The identity has always been that we’re scrappier than everyone else, we’re going to work harder and we’re going to overcome. So I don’t think it’s anything foreign to the program to hear stuff like this. This is nothing new for us and it’s something we embrace.”

On having frustrating years playing football at Iowa:

“I have to use the term ‘the best of times, the worst of times. Worst of times mainly because it was very frustrating dealing with all of the injuries. I tore both of my ACLs. I broke my right patella. I tore my left pec, all within about a 2½-year span. That was very frustrating. But it was a dream come true for me. The first thing I wanted, looking back, being a child, was being a football player. That was my very first dream and getting to live that was really cool.”

You can check out the full interview with Big E at the link below.

Sporting News: WWE’s Big E backs Iowa over Michigan State in Big Ten title game