Bayley on women headlining NXT TakeOver special in 2015

The Daily Record in the UK is featuring an interview with NXT Women’s Champion Bayley talking about her NXT career and headlining an NXT special with Sasha Banks.

On always being ready to perform in NXT:

“It’s easy for me as I really feel like a little kid when I walk out on stage. Even if I’m feeling tired, sore or beat up backstage and am thinking ‘I don’t know if I can get through this one’, as soon as I walk out there, the adrenalin just pours out of me. It’s not even something I have to think about, it’s automatic. Once I see the fans and that wrestling ring, it’s like a switch. I just love it.”

On headlining NXT TakeOver with Sasha Banks:

“It was huge. I know to Sasha and myself, it meant the world, as it had been our dream since we were kids. For us to be able to do it together was very special to us. I think it meant a lot to NXT as a brand too, as it took both it and women’s wrestling to a whole new level. We proved that it was possible and that we can be trusted in the spotlight. It’s something that we want to carry on for years, not just in NXT but WWE. The fans have really taken to it so I feel we can take this momentum and keep going. There’s no limits to what women’s wrestling can do now.”

You can check out the full interview at the link below.

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