While overseas in Singapore promoting WWE, Daniel Bryan gave an answer about his future as an in-ring performer for the company would be coming to an end.

“I think it could be the end of my career in WWE, but I don’t think it will be the end of my career.  I could find another passion, but it would just be sad because this is what I have been most passionate about since I was five.”

Bryan, who has been out of action since May after forfeiting the WWE Intercontinental Championship a few weeks after WrestleMania 31, has a few years remaining on his curent WWE contract. He has stated publicly that he has a desire to continue wrestling if he were to part ways with WWE or even request his release from the company.

Bryan revealed earlier this year that one neurologist who specializes in concussions cleared him with no limitations and all of his testing came back “excellent.” He later added that WWE’s medical doctor wouldn’t clear him so it became a situation of one doctor saying yes and another saying no. He was expected to get a third opinion this year.

Source: The Wrestling Observer/Figure Four Online