According to a new report by The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, WWE sources believe that former TNA Knockout Angelina Love will be at the upcoming WWE Monday Night Raw taping in Toronto, Ontario, Canada on September 14. She resides in Toronto so her being there seems to make sense now that she is no longer affiliated with TNA and was under a WWE developmental deal from 2004 to 2007.

Love, who was just released by TNA over work visa issues last week, is only expected to attend the show and not actually wrestle at this point. It should be noted that Love’s previous contract with TNA was about to expire and there was a fear internally that she would try and negotiate with WWE since she hadn’t signed a new deal. WWE did get her a working visa when she was under a developmental deal working in the Deep South Wrestling and Ohio Valley Wrestling territories before her release in May 2007. This move was heavily questioned in WWE and later when The Beautiful People became one of the top acts in TNA and a huge ratings draw on Impact.

The story from TNA is that when they realized just how much trouble they could be in for using her for the last two years without proper working papers, they made the quick decision to release her and made it seem as if they had just become aware of it. The reaction to this is that it would be surprising that TNA would just have been aware of this unless they thought her visa WWE got her would still be valid, although that generally never works out and the employer is expected to get taken care of. Based on what is known, TNA never applied for a visa for Love and when they found out they could be in trouble they cut her. It is always possible the government could try and make things hard for Love and that she could be banned from coming into the U.S. for two years and make her pay back any salaries for that period she obtained illegally. However, the belief is that is unlikely to happen.

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