NXT head trainer Matt Bloom on The Bullet Club popularity

WWE.com is featuring an interview with NXT head trainer Matt Bloom addressing the rumors about New Japan Pro Wrestling talent heading to WWE and the popularity of The Bullet Club group that was started by current NXT Champion Finn Ballor.

On the popularity of The Bullet Club:

“The Bullet Club came to fruition after I left. It’s something that Finn Bálor came up with one night while hanging with his buddies. They all kind of made fun of him about it, thinking it would never take off. That’s a faction that really helped New Japan become global, because everywhere you look, there are Bullet Club shirts at U.S. sporting events and U.S. wrestling events. It just took off. It’s all the brainchild of Finn Bálor and Karl Anderson.”

Thoughts on New Japan talent possibly coming to WWE:

“It’s about time. WWE is the largest platform in the world to do what those guys love to do. They deserve to be here because they paid their dues, they worked really hard, and they made names for themselves. The best of the best come here to flourish. They’re gonna take all those years of experience, hard work and dedication, and now show it to the world on an even grander scale.”

You can check out the full article at the link below.

WWE: Former New Japan star Matt Bloom addresses Bullet Club rumors