Steve Migs of BJ & Migs. Mornings passed this along.

Johnny Mundo from Lucha Underground joined The Migs Cast with Steve Migs from 99.9 KISW in Seattle. In the interview they chat about Lucha Underground, AJ Styles joining the WWE, wrestling Alberto Del Rio, and more.

When asked about the negativity online regarding Triple H winning the championship at the Royal Rumble… Johnny had this to say: 

“Well, there’s two ways to look at negativity. One is, that’s heat and if Triple H is the champ and he walks out to an arena full of booing fans that’s what wrestling is all about, and maybe that’s not a bad thing. And two, being a part of the roster and working every show, every day of the year, and then having the boss put the title on himself…kind of stings a little bit, but at the end of the day it’s his business, he can do what he wants with it.”

Check out the full interview here: