FOX Sports is featuring an interview with WWE star John Cena from the Daytona 500 today and addressed his status for WrestleMania 32 while recovering from shoulder surgery.

“Percentage-wise, I’m somewhere between zero and 100. That’s a safe estimation for me. As far as me participating in WrestleMania 32, the Magic 8-Ball says ‘ask again later.’ It would be personally unfortunate for me to miss WrestleMania. But if I can’t perform, it would be unfortunate for the people watching WrestleMania to see me suffer through something that isn’t worthy of the event. I take a very unselfish approach to my job and what I do because people spend their hard-earned money to enjoy what we do. And our goal is to deliver the best show possible. If I can contribute to that, great. If I can’t then, it not helping any of fans … we’ll see how it works.”

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