WWN issued the following on Monday, announcing that NXT GM William Regal will be appearing once again for the company at their next iPPVs in New York on March 19 & 20, continuing the partnership between WWE and WWN:

“The relationship between WWE and WWN keeps getting more interesting. We have more mind-blowing developments. Let’s get to it….

February 29th: We are very excited to announce that NXT General Manager William Regal is coming to EVOLVE in Queens, NY on March 19th and Brooklyn, NY on March 20th! Regal will be available for pictures and autographs at both events. There will be a fee. We are working out the details and will have info on the next WWN Alerts.

February 29th: William Regal will also be involved with the EVOLVE live events in both Queens and Brooklyn. This will be for the live audience only. We saw Regal interact with EVOLVE Champion Timothy Thatcher and Matt Riddle at EVOLVE 54 in Orlando. Regal even played a part in setting up the Thatcher vs. Riddle EVOLVE Title Match set for March 19th. What will happen when Regal returns to EVOLVE?”