Brock Lesnar

Dan Gelston of The Associated Press is featuring an interview with Brock Lesnar talking about WrestleMania 32 this Sunday in Dallas and how he has upped his schedule for the company making additional appearances at live events along with TV and PPV.

“Vince got his checkbook out and he’s writing more checks. But I have a limit and we’re at that limit right now. This is a job and I’m not caught up into it like maybe I’m supposed to be. I approach this as, I’m a skilled worker. I clock in, I clock out. People pay to watch me and, by chance, I guess they find me entertaining. … When I look back and what I’m proud of is the money in my bank account.”

AP: WWE’s WrestleMania looks to upstage NCAA Final Four in Texas


  1. Wow what a dedicated worker. By all means, push this guy over the other career wrestlers who bust their asses for your company 300+ days a year Vince. /:|

  2. Didn’t the other wrestlers get down on people like him in the past… Goldberg, Luger and others who weren’t passionate about it and just in it for the money? Even Hall and Nash got to that point for a long time. I know there is a demand for the guy, but cut him off. Screw him. Don’t keep feeding him the cash if that’s the only reason he’s there. I’d rather see 10 more guys in the Social Outcasts than him with that attitude. I know I clock in and clock out of my job and collect the pay, but it’s different. I’m not in the spotlight. I love Heyman, and don’t want to lose him, but stop putting our money into this guy.

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