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Sinn Bodhi WWE’s Kizarny!!

Whether you know him as the devilish clown of the WWE Kizarny, or as a disciple of the New Church named Sinn, or you’ve come to know and worship the infectious insanity known as Sinn Bodhi, one thing is for certain, you have been entertained! Sinn Bodhi joins the Wrestling Hotseat to discuss his career in FCW, WWE, TNA, the independents, the Jim Rose circus, his appearance on National Geographic’s Taboo television series and also his personal philosophies. This highly intelligent and charismatic man shares his personal thoughts and feelings on a wide variety of topics, so sit back and enjoy this great Sinnterview with a true entertainer of the squared circle and more!

You’ve got to hear his hilarious Dusty Rhodes impersonation! Sinn also relates a great road story where he was defeated by Chance Prophet with a little help from Jesus and his father!

This truly one of a kind individual delivers a one of a kind interview!

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