Jim Ross has a new blog up on his official website addressing a variety of topics including rumors of his contract status with WWE (which is expected to expire later this year) and Nigel McGuinness signing with WWE.

On his contract status with WWE:
“I can tell you that any questions regarding my contract status have been body slammed meaning I am not and will not address them. There is so much BS floating around about my employment status it has become embarrassing. WWE is pleased with my work and perceives me as an asset that they want to retain. Once we officially begin our negotiations we will see where it takes us. In the meantime, I have no apprehensions as to those negotiations as I have another business to help build in JR’s Family BBQ and this website for that matter. I am stay extremely busy as many of you know and perhaps too busy as my smarter than me wife has reminded me several times in the past few weeks. She’s right, for the record. Plus, it’s football season which is my favorite time of the year and I refuse to get immersed in any thing that takes my mind away from my work and the Sooners. End of story….for now.”

On Nigel McGuinness signing with WWE:
“Congrats to WWE for signing Nigel McGuinness who has been wrestling for Ring of Honor which is a helluva group of guys who obviously love the wrestling biz. McGuinness is a sound, in ring hand who can talk and will hopefully realize his dreams at the next level.”

To read the full blog, click here.

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