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WWE issued the following on Monday.


STAMFORD, Conn., April 4, 2016 – WWE® (NYSE: WWE) today announced that its digital subscription service, WWE Network, reached a record 1.82 million total subscribers following last night’s WrestleMania®, the most viewed WrestleMania in history. This is a 39% increase from March 30, 2015, the day after WrestleMania last year.

“History was made last night with both a record-setting crowd at AT&T Stadium and more households than ever before watching WrestleMania on WWE Network,” said WWE Chairman & CEO Vince McMahon. “WWE Network continues to drive transformative growth for our company.”

“Results today further demonstrate the power of our brand, illustrate our potential to drive long-term growth and provide evidence that we are effectively executing our multi-platform content strategy,” said George Barrios, WWE Chief Strategy & Financial Officer.

WWE Network Subscriber Highlights

WWE Network reached record levels of total subscribers, total domestic subscribers and total international subscribers as of April 4, 2016

Total domestic subscribers increased 24% to 1.39 million; total international subscribers increased 126% to 434,000 from March 30, 2015 – the day after WrestleMania last year

Domestic and international paid subscribers reached 1.11 million and 345,000, respectively as of April 4, 2016

WrestleMania Engagement Milestones

Video views reached 65 million across social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Vine, and YouTube), representing an 87% increase over last year

WrestleMania garnered a record 10.9 million social media fan engagements, up 19% from the prior year

Social media fan engagements are defined as the cumulative fan response to WWE content measured by the number of “likes”, “follows”, “shares”, “mentions”, and “retweets” across social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Tumblr.

WWE 2016 Perspective

Q1 2016: Based upon preliminary data to date, WWE Network attracted an average of approximately 1.29 million paid subscribers over the first quarter 2016, representing a 39% increase from the first quarter 2015 average. The first quarter 2016 average was in-line with guidance of 1.28 million (+/- 2%).5

The Company expects to exceed the high end of the range of its estimated first quarter 2016 Adjusted OIBDA of approximately $19 million reflecting higher performance expectations across its businesses.

Q2 2016: If the acquisition and retention of subscribers is consistent with recent activity, the range of average paid subscribers for the second quarter 2016 would be 1.48 – 1.55 million, representing an increase of approximately 22% – 27% from the second quarter 2015.5 As future subscriber performance may differ from recent trends, this range is provided for perspective rather than as guidance.

(5) Additional information regarding estimated WWE Network subscriber levels can be found in the Company’s website presentation at www.ir.corporate.investors.com.

2016: WWE management continues to believe that if the average paid subscribers to WWE Network increases at a rate between 20% to 25% in 2016, 2016 Adjusted OIBDA could be in a range of approximately $70 million to $85 million. This range assumes the previously communicated incremental investment of $15 million to $20 million in content, technology and emerging markets.


  1. The Network is a load of crap and I’m fighting them right now. I tried to subscribe, and I live in Taiwan, but my credit card is from Canada as I’m Canadian. I tried to sign up for the free month, but it said there was an error. Tried again, couldn’t do it. Contacted them and was sent form response after form response. I tried calling them, and after 30 minutes on hold listening to Fandango’s music I get through to someone, who can’t hear me properly (I swear they just didn’t understand my normal English), then tells me to call back again and hangs up on me. I finally got the Network hooked up using my GF’s card, but I still kept getting their form emails asking for information through email. I responded and said I would not send information through email and that they had already hung up on me. Today, I checked my bank account and see TWO charges of $9.99 US on my card. Strange how a free month costs that much, and that each time I tried I was told the account didn’t go through. It says I paid on the 29th, but my account says it was activated on the 1st. And what kind of a response do I get from them after my last email? Call us between the times of 12 and 10 EST. So, I will have to stay up to 1am to call, then be put on hold, then hope the person speaks English, understands me and can fix this. I’m guessing my GF card has a charge as well, which would be 3×9.99US for a free month. I love the old ECW stuff on the Network, but Balls Mahoney vs New Jack sure isn’t worth that much!

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