As reported on earlier, many WWE sources are claiming that there is lots of heat on Intercontinental Champion Rey Mysterio for doing an interview with The Record in Mexico giving his side of the story for his recent 30 day suspension in violating the company’s Wellness Policy.

PWInsider is reporting that the company could possibly be put in a position where they have to punish Mysterio further or risk someone else in the future doing the same thing. These same sources also feel Mysterio more than likely did the interview to help build sympathy for himself in the Mexican market should this situation lead to a possible departure from WWE.

Mysterio did work WWE Smackdown/ECW house show events this weekend, working in the main events against WWE World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk. The word backstage was that Mysterio was telling wrestlers who asked that he had a legitimate prescription for a painkiller and that the company didn’t give him proper notice and time for his doctor to give them details on his prescription. He also reportedly told others that he hopes the company will reconsider his case when he has a chance to speak with management at the Smackdown tapings on Tuesday.

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