Shane McMahon

WWE posted the following on Twitter on Monday announcing that Shane McMahon will once again be running RAW on tonight’s show live in Los Angeles, California. WWE is citing “overwhelming social media support” as the reasoning for the decision.


  1. So then what was the point of the Shane/Undertaker match at Wrestlemania?! The stipulation was that if he WON that match, then he would be running Raw. He lost the match though, but has since been in charge of Raw anyhow. Dumb.

  2. Well technically on the night of Shane’s return Vince said that Shane would get control of raw so long as he had one match at wrestlemania against the undertaker, which he did.

  3. yep get ready for the Shane running RAW/The Authority running Smackdown angle which will all lead up to *drumroll* a match between Trips and Shane at Summerslam to decide who is better at best suited to run both shows

  4. the booking is lazy at best, which is a pitty because surely more compelling storylines can be cooked up than this one.

  5. It stinks brand split all over again. I wouldn’t be surprised if we end up having a Raw vs Smackdown theme at Survivor Series instead.

  6. The point of the Hell in a Cell Match was to draw in a large amount of people and viewers. In other words it was a ratings trap.

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