Rene Dupree

The puntative class-action lawsuit filed against WWE last week by former star Rene Dupree (Rene Goguen) regarding unpaid royalties from the WWE Network has already been dropped after lawyers for Dupree pulled the lawsuit on Monday according to a report by The Wrestling Observer/Figure Four Online.

A note of voluntarily dismissing the case to the U.S. District Court of Connecticut, where the lawsuit was filed last week, was officially sent dropping it officially. WWE attorney Jerry McDevitt noted last week that Dupree had signed a contract back in 2011 that “destroys his ability to bring these types of claims.”


  1. Poor Renee, he won’t get his $4.25 in royalties from the 10 seconds of footage he is in that nobody cares about watching.

  2. Too bad he can’t get royalties. After reading the last story I went back and watched some of his matches on the Network, for only 9.99! After watching a few I kinda wanted a refund (and I’m in my free month)!

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