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FOX Sports if featuring an article with excerpts from a recent interview Larry King conducted with WWE star John Cena where he comments about the sport of Mixed Martial Arts, the growth of the UFC brand and why he isn’t a fan of the sport.

“It’s done great to establish itself as a brand, but in comparison with us, it doesn’t resonate with me just because I’m a storyteller. I enjoy the story that we can tell in the ring and like I said, I think we do it better than everyone.┬áIt truly has marketed itself extremely well. It has fantastic exposure. There’s no denying the athletic ability that it takes to step into the Octagon. It’s not something I could do. I’m not taking anything away from anyone in the UFC, because their success speaks for themselves but as far as it resonating with me, it’s just not something I’m a fan of.”

FOX Sports: WWE star John Cena explains why he doesn’t care for UFC


  1. Though I still wonder how he would’ve faired in the octagon had he not gone the pro wrestling route.

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  3. These comments make no sense to me. John Cena shouldn’t have to explain why he isn’t a fan of MMA. But if he’s going to volunteer a reason, he should connect it to something about the sport instead of what he does for a living. It would be like someone from the Harlem Globetrotters saying they don’t like the NBA because he’s a comedian and it doesn’t resonate with him.

    Call me cynical, but this is John Cena trying to sanitize what we all know is a violent enterprise.

  4. Cena’s wrong though. The simple fact that MMA is real and actual fighting automatically means its telling a better story in the cage than Cena or any wrestler could ever tell in the ring. As a storyteller, Cena should be able to appreciate that.

    This is not a knock on WWE. I watch WWE and I’m a fan of most of what they do as well as being a fan of NJPW, ROH, and at one point, even TNA. Used to be a WCW fan back in younger days. Pro Wrestling is a very athletic and dramatic form of entertainment, revolving around using pro wrestling to tell stories both in and out of the ring, and it entertains millions around the entire world in various promotions that cater to different tastes.

    But MMA is better in every possible way. MMA Fighters are more charismatic, more entertaining, more athletic, more skilled, more famous, and more marketable.

    They tell a story in the cage with every single fight they have, they work harder than pro wrestlers, they risk more than pro wrestlers, they are more famous than pro wrestlers, they get, and deserve, more respect than pro wrestlers, because they are better athletes, more famous, and generally are better people.

    UFC does better PPV buys than WWE ever has, it sells more merchandise, its a bigger brand name around the world. Ask any MMA fighter in the world, and they will tell you the simple truth: MMA is better than Pro Wrestling. It’s what people want and deserve to see. Real fighting, real competition, real results. WWE, and pro wrestling in general, simply can’t hope to compare.

    We’ve heard that Vince McMahon has said that he doesn’t consider MMA to be competition. This is true, because WWE, the worlds biggest and most successful wrestling company, has no way of even coming close to competing with what MMA has to offer.

  5. MMA fighters aren’t on the road for 300+ days a year, some only fight afew times a year

  6. MMA is real and therefore tells a better story than pro-wrestling can, by default? How do you come to that conclusion?

  7. Because its real. The simple fact that MMA fighting is real automatically makes it better than anything pro wrestling related.

    (With the exception of Lucha Underground, who is that rare “TV show about a TV Show about Wrestling” situation that puts it in its own league separate from other wrestling promotions.

    Honestly, and this is speaking as a pro wrestling fan, I don’t see how any wrestling fan can like pro wrestling over MMA. You can like MMA only, you can like both, but liking only wrestling and disliking MMA is just…odd.

    At least, to me, it seems odd. I don’t understand it.

  8. No, it doesn’t. If it did, you be able to provide me with a better answer than you have. The reason you can’t is because your comment is based on your opinion, not fact.

    Wrestling is a dramatic presentation which uses a sport (wrestling) to tell it’s stories. It’s not about who is the best at throwing punches or who could beat who up. It’s about putting on an entertaining show for the fans using a mix of drama and athleticism and choosing your top star based on how much entertainment they bring and how much merchandise they sell-not how many fights they’ve won.

    MMA is a competition in which fighters fight each other to prove their dominance. It has more in common with boxing than it does pro wrestling. Pro wrestling is a production, like a play, or a movie. It has more in common with the Rocky films than with any sport.

    Watch Max Landis Wrestling Isnt Wrestling in YouTube.

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