Zack Ryder

Zack Ryder talks about WrestleMania moment, his battle with cancer

Michael Cole is featuring an interview with Zack Ryder where he talks about his WrestleMania moment in Dallas inside AT&T Stadium, why he’s always wanted to be a WWE Superstar and how his battle with cancer during high school motivated him.

WWE looks at new Performance Center recruits

A new video was released by WWE looking at the newest recruits for the Performance Center. WWE revealed 10 new recruits on Tuesday.

Reactions to Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson debuting in WWE

Cathy Kelley looks at social media reactions to the debuts of Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson on Monday night during RAW in Los Angeles including the #BulletClub making the rounds among WWE stars sending out tweets on Monday.


  1. Poor Zack. After that Edge-head thing, he always had the fans on his side just to be sabotaged over & over. Now once again, Vince has put him in the role of Tantalus; just when it looks like he’ll finally get the push he deserves, the booking morons take it away from him again. His is an inspirational story of a kid who beat cancer in hopes of becoming a WWE wrestler.
    But I guess that doesn’t add up to the Miz’s inspirational story as an unlikable scumsh*t from MTV’s The Real World who had no desire to become a wrestler until then, was signed only as a celebrity gimmick, and went on to marry an equally unlikable skank who NO ONE was clamoring to see back. Yeah, yank away the spotlight from Ryder and give it back to that tool who utterly failed as a main eventer AND as an actor. More smart booking by the WWE geniuses who know what they’re doing.

  2. Miz has wanted to be a wrestler since before he ended up on MTV. He even had The Miz gimmick on The Real World before getting to WWE. I hope you were just kayfabing.

  3. Nope, I really detest how WWE pushes this a-hole over more deserving guys like Ryder. As for Miz’s wrestling career ambitions, he did create his heel persona while filming The Real World to cope with his personal displeasure of the show & other cast members, THEN realized it would make a good wrestling gimmick.
    I’ve never seen anything that said he wanted to be a wrestler before doing Real World.

  4. There’s a shoot (maybe) WWE interview with Mike after his Wrestlemania match with John Cena when talks about his entrance and says that he looks over to his friends, sitting in the first row and says something to the likes of “We Did It!” Also, if you’ve seen any of the Monday Night Wars episodes, he talks about being a big WWF fanboy and disliking WCW because of it. But then again, you do realize he’s playing a heel. Watch Swerved or anything outside of the wrestling ring, where he’s shooting. He’s a legit fan of the business and culture and by your reaction he’s playing his role extremely well.

  5. Being a wrestling fan and actually aspiring to be a wrestler are 2 completely different things. As for my reaction, I hate to see the undeserving, unlikable jerks like Miz, Brock Lesnar, & Roman Reigns being given the keys to the kingdom while more deserving wrestlers with the fanbase solidly behind them have their careers continuously & deliberately sabotaged and going by WWE’s plummeting ratings I’m not the only one who feels that way.

  6. What makes them undeserving? If it furthers the story along, brings heat and sets up a match with a fan favorite to cheer for, what’s the issue. You want to see that heel get beat so you’ll watch each show to see who does it. You have to understand the wrestling business. Miz does his job. Brock does his job. Roman, albeit probably reluctantly, does his job. Throwing the title on someone just for their tenure only makes sense if it furthers that character’s narrative and believe it or not, makes money. Vince is in the business of making money. You’ll keep watching the WWE product until every IWC favorite has held the title. How long will that take? There are other products out there that guys like Styles, Owens, and Cesaro thrive in. Remember where the indy guys came from. The indys still exist. Don’t like the WWE product? Go support another promotion. Just remember that you’ll have to put in more work to watch other promotions due to some promotions not having national TV comtracts or on demand services. It’s your choice. Continue to complain or do something about it.

  7. What makes them undeserving?
    Well for Brock, it’s pretty much this:
    He doesn’t give a damn about the wrestling business and is only in it for the money. Not to mention he was the biggest non-working champion since Hollywood Hogan during WCW’s days. But Vince pushes this money-grubbing a-hole above the real workers who bust their asses for him 300+ days a year.
    For Reigns, he does his job…badly. But it’s obvious by the name Vince & the gang gave him that he was the next chosen one from the start and has proven time & again they chose wrong. He sucks as a wrestler and is even worse on the mic sometimes even forgetting his lines. But he’s Vince’s pet project so by God he’ll be the top guy whether anyone likes it or not. Anyone else would’ve been yanked out of his top spot a long time ago.
    Miz? Eh, I guess he’s put in his time but come on. THAT is the best guy to put the IC belt on. Or to main event Wrestlemania 27 which was their biggest ‘Mania disaster. It still doesn’t change the fact that he was only signed because of his celebrity.
    As for doing something about WWE’s bad product, I haven’t watched WWE (Raw, SmackDown, or PPVs) since the Bella summer of 2014 and only read about it through Mike Tedesco’s reviews and reviews on some other sites. I make it a point to not watch them and support TNA, ROH, New Japan, & would watch Lucha Underground if my current service carried El Rey. It works somewhat since the concensus is that this is WWE’s worst product since the New Generation and their ratings & overall interest in the product are way down to match that time period. In the words of Scott Hudson: “McMahon is happy as a clam, watching ratings… and viewership and everything else and gimmick sales go right in the tank.” But unfortunately as a publicly traded company they still can outspend any other promotion and can steal away their stars with the promise of a bigger stage even if they do nothing worthwhile with them. Sometimes in today’s world, bullies & assholes just get their way.

  8. Lesnar was also re-signed in part due to his celebrity. He and WWE negotiated his working dates. He’s performing at the rate he nogotiated. He’s smart to take advantage of the situation and money he was presented. Similar to what you mentioned about Hogan. He, Hall, and Nash had guaranteed contracts with limited dates instilled. They took advantage of the situation. Brock on the other hand does what they ask him to do when he is performing. That’s on creative for not expanding his character. Not to mention that his character is very over at the moment. It’ll get tired eventually but that’s the beauty of his limited dates. Heyman stated in an interview that when Lesnar appears, it’s “Special”. And he’s correct. When Lesnar appears, it’s an event. They book him that way as well. I’m not sure if you’ve seen Reigns perform lately since you’ve stated you haven’t watched WWE’s product in a while but Reigns in ring performance has gotten a lot better since he’s debuted. Although, his wrestling style would be better fit for a heel (think of The Shield). His mic skills have improved also but remember he’s still under the thumb of the writers. The Intercontinental title is in flux and while I agree that a Ryder push made the most sense when he randomly won the title, but now with Cesaro returning and Maryse back on WWE TV I’m not sure what their plans are for Ryder. He just put Baron Corbin over so they may job him out again or they may be building him up as the next midcard underdog. Time will tell. There’s a definite change in the works though. Look no further than the most recent signings and NXT title changes. The era of the worker (Unfortunately, also following “The Injury” Era) Is coming. Working against AJ Styles will make Reigns a better in-ring performer. Working against Cesaro will make Miz a better in-ring performer. The goal of pro wrestling and Sports Entertainment is to put on good bouts and entertain. Both go hand and hand. You prefer other promotions and that’s your right. Ragging on one promotion won’t better your preference. Enjoy and promote the TNAs, and ROHs and NJPWs. Get their names out there. Look into Evolve and Progress and CZW. Everything you enjoy about those promotions from the wrestlers to the moves to the spots, if they’re good, will ultimately end up on WWE television and then would it be a product, you’d watch? Professional wrestling needs the big promotions to keep the sport relevant but the heart of the sport belongs to the underground.

  9. Lesnar isn’t just some celebrity though. He was signed initially due to his NCAA background then re-signed after his UFC run. That’s all I can say that’s good about that guy. Performing only his limited, negotiated dates WWE signed him to is all well & good but to piss on the wrestling business and say he’s only proud of his bank account?? How can any wrestling fan support him after saying that? How must that come across to the other guys in the WWE locker room to read that then get paid MUCH less to bust their asses 300+ days a year? Then you talk about Hogan’s, Hall’s, & Nash’s contracts in WCW. Yeah how’d that work out for WCW in the long run? The only reason WWE is getting away with the sh*t they do now is because pro wrestling no longer has anymore good alternatives.
    As for Heyman saying Lesnar’s appearances are special and his appearances are real events, I’m sorry but that’s a crock of sh*t. Only in the convoluted logic of WWE is it more honorable to sit at home with the WHC title on your coat rack than to defend it at least once a month like any good champion should. And does WWE really get their money’s worth out of him? I’m not sure they do. Does he really bring in enough money to make up for what they pay him minus all the PPVs no one bought when the WWE title wasn’t on the line. And how many fans go to events just to see him anyway? I’d like to see the hard numbers on that.
    As for Reigns’ in-ring performances, you say he’s getting better; I’ve been reading otherwise. Mike Tedesco said here on Wrestleview that WWE has utterly failed in its experiment building him up. I also read on several sites that his long WM main event against HHH exposed a lot of his very limited abilities. Some fans’ comments said he kept talking to his hand like some kind of looney toon. Jim Caldwell, once a staunch WWE supporter on, called it the worst main event since HHH & Randy Orton bored the fans out of Reliant Stadium at WM 25 and called Reigns himself an embarrassment in his role. Other sites and fan’s comments weren’t much kinder.
    Wrestlemania’s new attendance record aside, since Wrestlemania now sells itself based only on its own name value, WWE is in a bad place right now and its all their own fault. By sabotaging the careers of fan favorites like CM Punk and Daniel Bryan because they didn’t have classic wrestlers physiques or not supporting guys like Cesaro because he’s a foreigner (Vince Mcmahon actually said that), or not putting everything they have behind Dean Ambrose who’s the most over guy in the company, to support the guys THEY think should have the top spot, they only hurt themselves. WWE should be (or should’ve been in Punk’s & Bryan’s cases) backing all these guys. Not because they’re “indie darlings”, but because it’s what the fans want. See who the fans like then put their support behind them. It really is that simple. It’s what they USED to do and it’s brought them great success in the past generations. If they continue to sabotage the fan favorites then back their own personal favorites, more & more people will lose interest in their product like they are right now.

  10. Back to my overall solution to your issue with WWE programming. Continue to avoid it. Ignore it. I’m pretty sure many others have done the same. Support the organizations you do enjoy and hopefully they’ll grow into viable competitors for WWE.

  11. Thank you I will. Good talk. It’s always a pleasure to have an intelligent, wrestling-based debate. Until next time.

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