WWE sells out live events in Tokyo

WWE events sold out for return to Tokyo in July

Tickets for WWE’s return to Tokyo on July 1 and July 2 at Sumo Hall sold out within five minutes after going on sale according to a report by PWInsider. AJ Styles, Shinsuke Nakamura and NXT Women’s Champion Asuka are all being advertised for the event.

John Cena talks about the evolution of his character in WWE

The YES Network passed along the following clips featuring John Cena.

Here he talks about Cesaro being underrated, VKM being the best WWE Champion ever, being stuck in a foxhole with Nikki Bella and more:

And here he talks about where “You Can’t See Me” came from, what’s on his dog tags, the evolution of his character and more:


  1. John Cena’s character stopped evolving in 2006.

    Also, Vince as the best WWE champion? Crawl out from his arsehole, please.

  2. Don’t really give a rats ass for all the hate – that’s down to his character’s booking. Dude seems like a stand-up guy, and if that’s uncool then hey, I’m uncool!

  3. Cena: Well I started out as a bad ass free style rapper who wore street jerseys, then became a good guy rapper who wore WWE T shirts, then became company mascot in 2006…..and here I am now.

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