WWE issues statement about the passing of Chyna

WWE issued the following statement early Thursday morning regarding the passing of Joanie “Chyna” Laurer late Wednesday evening.

“WWE is saddened to learn of reports that Joanie Laurer, best known for competing in WWE as Chyna, has passed away. A physically striking and wildly talented performer, Chyna was a true sports-entertainment pioneer. Not only did the Superstar dubbed “The Ninth Wonder of the World” help found the groundbreaking faction D-Generation X, but she also holds the distinction of being the first and only female to win the Intercontinental Championship.”

WWE Chief Brand Officer Stephanie McMahon also issued the following tweet.

TMZ is reporting that Chyna was found dead in her home in Redondo Beach, California by a friend who went to check on her and found her “unresponsive in the bedroom of her home.” Police were called around 7:30 p.m. local time. Laurer’s death is being investigated as a possible overdose as prescription bottles were found in her home. No signs of foul play were found based on the early investigation details.


  1. But what can she say? She’s the head of a major company that used to employ the now deceased. She has to be polite, and really, no matter how much of an annoyance and a psycho she was over the past year or more to Steph and HHH, Steph most likely feels bad and sorry that Chyna’s life went the way it did, and the death is still sad. In death, we usually try to remember the good things a person did, and not still hold grudges over past indiscretions. I’m sure Steph is a bigger person and would never stoop so low as to not say, at the very least, a few good words about her in her passing.

  2. This maybe the nicest thing, “ANYONE” has ever uploaded to a comments section.

    Well said, Matt Thompson.

  3. This tweet is so plastic. If she and WWE really cared, they would have mended fences with her last year. Matter of fact, WWE should reach out and mend fences with all previously employed talent and work out any grievances before they pass away, instead of sending out tweets of sincerest condolences/homage for mere public relations after the fact. If business really is business, it would have been a great storyline to bring her back to somehow get involved in an angle with HHH/Stephanie McMahon.

  4. of course, yes, i agree, but to be completely honest, i would bet all i have that there’s a part of steph that is happy to have chyna gone. there really is no getting around that cold, hard, sad truth.

  5. Okay hold on. Let’s REALLY be honest here. No matter how someone lived their lives or talked to someone in-ring or behind the scenes, NO ONE is ever happy about someone dying.

    Chyna had demons. She had so many demons that she tried to silence them by doing porn. She pulled herself out of that life and tried to make something of herself. In the end, she lost that battle but she really started to fight back.

    Now take all that into account for anyone that really knew her. Hell, even X-Pac. They had a well-documented, dysfunctional relationship that spilled over to VH1’s Surreal Life. But even when Pac got clean, I bet he still felt like crap about her passing now.

  6. i hate to shatter your illusion about humanity, but there are countless people who are happy when others die. some are justified, some are cognitively impaired, some are psychotic, sociopathic, and some are just plain deplorable human beings, but to say “NO ONE” is happy when others die… wrong.

  7. .ing hypocrite that bitch stephanie is…chyna has been reaching out to make amends with them and they shut her down.

  8. U nailed it…all chyna wanted was to ask forgiveness of all the transgressions….and they spit on her face everytime she tries to make amends.

  9. Her death, to me, is the most tragic IMHO. She tried time after to time to build bridges with Hunter, Steph, and the WWE in general but was shunned away every single time like she was a piece of shit because of her adult film career and her substance abuse. All she wanted was her recognition (which she deserved) but she was denied. Neither Hunter nor the WWE ever reached to her to try to get her help and she died alone because of it. Sadly, it took her death for the WWE and co. to finally recognize her accomplishments. The only thing that brings me peace about this is that Latino Heat is finally reunited in Heaven. RIP Chyna. Another childhood Icon of mine gone too soon.

  10. Time to get those “You screwed Chyna” chants ready for RAW tomorrow night when HHH or Steph come out!

  11. And I hate to ruin your Marilyn Manson-inspired woes and depression. But to say that good, rational human beings are glad to see someone die is a worse lie than you make yourself believe.

    Now go back to your meds.

  12. Let me rephrase:

    Of course there are people that would be “happy” to see someone die. Those people are IDIOTS. You would sympathize if it was a country but then blast pure evil when it’s only one person. THOSE people are not the people I care about. I’m talking about people who are actually smart enough NOT to be an a-hole. Because THAT is a much better thing to live with on my conscience.

  13. wow, nice try at offending me with the mean, hurtful, insensitive, rude comments, but just like every other keyboard warrior, your attempt has fallen flat. first, i don’t listen to marilyn manson (even though i have no problem with him, or his music), nor do i suffer from depression. finally, you should think before you speak (type, actually), because there actually are “good, rational human beings” that are “glad to see someone die”, and i happen to be one of them. my dad suffered from alzheimer’s disease for many years, and it was excrutiating for him, my mom, my brother, myself, and many others, so for us to finally get to the point where we were able to remove him from life support… it was a great relief. sure, it hurt to lose him, but i was glad, VERY glad, that all the physical, mental, and emotional, anguish was finally brought to an end. there are many other examples i could give as to how/why “good, rational human beings” are “glad to see someone die”, but why bother… you seem very firm in your belief(s), and shut out the possibility that others see things differently from you, which can only make me pity you. feel free to have the last word, for i have nothing more to say to you, expect that i hope, for your sake, and for the sake of those close to you, that your narrow-minded, unkind disposition, will one day be open to a more open, accepting perspective.

  14. You just spent 20 minutes turning this into taking a family member off of life support? And yet you tell ME to think about what I’m talking about.

    Chyna’s death was SUDDEN and ACCIDENTAL. She wasn’t an elderly woman with Alzheimer’s. She was a former body builder who fell from grace, made bad decisions, and died of an accidental overdose after mixing sleeping pills with anti-depressants. There was no life support. There was no one there around her as she passed in a heart-felt family moment that will be burned into the minds of the deceased’s loved ones.

    Chyna made the decision to get clean by whatever means necessary after a VERY messy fall from the WWE. She lost the man she loved (Triple H), lost her dream job, and ended up making horrible decisions that got her on the drugs in the first place. So she hit rock bottom HARD.

    So, yeah, excuse me for seeming “very firm” but don’t try to turn this into a mercy death. Your dad had your family. Chyna didn’t have anyone but her fans on the internet.

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