Triple H comments on the passing of Joanie

WWE COO Paul “Triple H” Levesque, who is currently on WWE’s European tour and wrestling on live events following TV tapings, issued the following tweet on Thursday morning regarding the passing of Joanie “Chyna” Laurer:


  1. An ex dying, no matter how badly it ended, is going to hurt. It’s a very company response as he can’t get too personal about it, but it’s not like he’s dancing around the house with Steph and the girls singing ‘Ding Dong, The Witch is Dead’. He probably feels he could have helped her at some point, handled things differently, or just been there when she needed someone at her lowest point. He’s not a robot or a monster. He’s human. He feels for her, especially now, in death.

  2. to a degree, yes, since he had a relationship with her, but being in his position, he “has” to say what he said.

  3. The faux-remorseful reaction to this really rubs me the wrong way. This isn’t the first time this has happened, either. Look at Michael Jackson, Jade Goody, Princess Diana, Margaret Thatcher and many others (Warrior for a recent wrestling example) who were subjected to abuse and disdain for large periods of their final years then all of a sudden were eulogised by the very people who had been slagging them off. Triple H is allowed to come across as awkward, he’s a former lover who’s also at the top of the company so he can’t afford to pick a side so to speak, but a lot of the other reactions – from both those in WWE, those outside, and even just fans – comes across as totally disingenuous. Many of these people showed her no respect when she was alive so it sickens me that they’re trying to retroactively be her allies. Wrestlecrap are probably the most hypocritical of the lot. What next, Jim Cornette paying tribute after he called her the biggest liability to women’s wrestling in the past 50 years?

    I don’t take any joy in her death, but it doesn’t change my opinion that she was a total laughing stock during her life. Suggesting otherwise, while potentially allowing me to give myself a pat on the back for mock empathy, would make me a major hypocrite. I didn’t care for Chyna and still don’t, even though I do feel bad that she’s died at such a young age. If we’re being honest, a lot of us should be saying the same thing. Her legacy is a terrible one for wrestling.

  4. bet in the back of his head he is thinking finally the lies that she continued to spread about me all these years will stop now. cause there was def no love loss between those two and i know that sounds cold but when someone for many years continues to spread lies about you to try to hurt or destroy your rep and then they die, then it’s kind of hard to not fo feel that way..

  5. someone like Tripp can’t win though – if he posts like this he gets marked as disingenuous, if he posted “good riddance” he’d get slated, if he posted nothing he’d be marked as uncaring/callous.

  6. So the right thing to have done was to try to mend fences while she was still alive. After all, like Matt Hardy, SHE was the victim of being in a relationship with an unfaithful lover. And a social-climber to boot. However, she was trying to reach out to them recently and they kept slapping her away. Trying to do that at Roddy Piper’s funeral was wrong of her but they could’ve been more compassionate either before or afterwards. Now they’re trying to honor her after her death like they did to Randy Savage as a purely PR move which will make them look insincere & disingenuous like they deserve to be.

  7. From WWE, HHH’s & Stephanie’s reactions are the only ones that seem disingenuous to me. The others from current & former WWE wrestlers, particularly from Mick Foley, Kevin Nash, & Chavo Jr., were pretty heart-felt. As for everyone else, I don’t think they’re overlooking her downward slide outside of wrestling but do acknowledge her contributions to wrestling while she was there. So I disagree with you & Jim Cornette that her legacy for women’s wrestling was a terrible one. Whatever she did outside of wrestling shouldn’t overshadow what she did as a wrestler. It’s not like she was Chris Benoit; all she did was hurt herself.

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