Samoa Joe becomes the new NXT Champion

Samoa Joe defeated Finn Balor at tonight’s 4/21 NXT live event in Lowell, Massachusetts to become the new NXT Champion in the main event, ending Balor’s 292 day streak as champion after winning the title back in July 2015.

@peterstringer on Twitter posted the following photo from the title change moments ago. is also featuring a story at the link below.

Update (1:31 a.m. ET): @TheFansPodcast just posted a video clip of the title change.

WWE: Samoa Joe captures NXT Championship at Live Event in Lowell, Mass.


  1. Theres always title matches at live events but only 0.01% of the time the title would change hands. This happened with 2 other titles in the last 15 years and thats about it from what I remember.

  2. Crowd was stunned/excited as shit, because when was the last time you heard of a major title changing hands at a house show?

    Still, this seems like an odd move. Balor was only 72 days away from holding the belt for a year. Could he be headed to the main roster?

  3. Wonder if Balor was a last minute decision to bring to the main roster for upcoming PPV for a whole Bullet Club storyline with Gallows/Anderson and Styles angle

  4. Yeeessss Samoa Joe won the NXT Championship but daaaammmn why did WWE have to spoil it for us?!

  5. yep Finn coming to the main roster the Bullet Club is reuniting god i hope they can get Tama to the business

  6. It’ll show Finn as they are still showing matches that were taoed at Wrestlemania 32’s AXXESS events.

  7. It’s happened before. For decades that was where almost all title changes took place. Not so much anymore. The last 2 I can remember were when Christian beat Booker T in 2003 at a house show in Des Moines, IA to win the Intercontinental Title and when John Morrison and The Miz beat Kofi Kingston and CM Punk at a house show in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada to win the RAW tag team championship. The former title switch was done because Booker T needed time off to heal a back injury. The latter title switch was done for reasons unknown.

  8. Well in the {last 15 years} its been..
    -Christian vs. booker T IC title
    -Nunzio Cruiserweight title,
    -the time evan bourne got suspended and needed to drop the title immediately
    I think theres 1 or 2 more tag title changes but i dont remember them all.

  9. Probably the most significant title change at a WWE-run house show since Diesel won the world title over two decades ago. WCW had a run where they changed the title between Booker T and Chris Benoit four house shows running but then never mentioned them on TV, so most fans didn’t know and those who attended felt like it was being ignored. That could thankfully never happen now due to the internet and abundance of mobile cameras.

  10. Finally.

    Honestly, not sure why Samoa Joe hasn’t been on the main roster since day one.

    Let’s hope he gets to RAW after AJ Styles turns heel.

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