To follow up on a report yesterday regarding WWE stars taping episodes for NBC’s “Deal or No Deal” game show, some new details regarding the tapings have been released courtesy of a report by PWInsider.

– Five episodes were taped featuring WWE Divas Maria and Eve Torres as the briefcase girls and Dolph Ziggler as the banker.

– Batista was believed to be at the taping, but didn’t appear on any of the shows.

– The episodes are expected to air around the third week of November.

– Promos were filmed at the end of the tapings featuring Maria, Eve Torres and Dolph Ziggler with Howie Mandel.

– In between tapings, WWE cameras were on hand interviewing the wrestlers.

– One of the contestants named Mikey was wearing wrestling gear and a replica belt with a “Deal or No Deal” sticker on it with a picture of Howie Mandel.

– Another contestant while on stage tried to cut a promo on Dolph Ziggler saying he had “two words for him – suck it.” Some of the production crew seemed surprised by it and weren’t sure if they could use it.

– Some of the contestants mentioned they would use their winnings for a trip to WrestleMania 26.

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