The Huffington Post has an interview up with WWE star MVP. Here are some highlights.

On his favorite moment in WWE so far:
“I grew up in Miami. I initially grew up watching Southern wrestling promotions and Ric Flair was “the man.” I was able to wrestle him twice. First I defended my US Championship against him and I beat the dirtiest player in the game with a thumb to the eye. The biggest match was at Madison Square Garden. He was on his retirement tour if you will, and basically if he lost, he had to retire. My very first match at Madison Square Garden was his last at Madison Square Garden. I tapped out to his patented figure-four leglock. It’s definitely a high point of my career.”

If he thinks wrestling still gets a bad rap:
“There has to be a line drawn between the old guard and the new guard. A lot of guys dying young came from our profession in a different era. They came up in a time where contract were structured very differently. If you didn’t work, you didn’t get paid. If you didn’t get paid, you couldn’t feed your family. Guys worked through injuries taking pain medication and whatever other drugs so they could get through the schedule. It’s different now. If we were injured, our medical is taken care of. We’re still paid. Once upon a time you’d go into locker rooms, and you’d see guys drinking beer or getting high. Nowadays, you’d see guys drinking energy drinks or protein shakes. It’s changed a lot. I think WWE and the McMahon family have made huge strides in making wrestling a more palatable product. I challenge you to find an 8-year-old kid who doesn’t know who John Cena is or doesn’t have action figures in their toy box. We’ve become so much more.”

On one match he would love to see in WWE:
“I’d love to get Ann Coulter and Ariana Huffington in a WWE ring, put them in a steel cage and watch them go at it.”

To check out the full interview, click here.

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