WWE has posted a video paying tribute to the late Joanie “Chyna” Laurer looking back at her career with the company. This video package aired on Monday night during RAW along with a tribute graphic that opened the show.


  1. She was such a force and draw in WW(F)E that WCW tried to create their own Chyna like character named Asya. Asya had nowhere near the impact or significance that Chyna did.

  2. The sad thing WWE do this great package now she has passed. She was great especially with Eddie which was my favorite run with her. A bit of kindness before the fact may have made a big difference she did shit talk HHH but that always looked more like a call for help/attention to a bigger problem.

  3. Sorry but I can only echo CMJunk’s comments, while this was undoubtedly well-meaning it comes across as damage limitation and tokenism after a decade and a half of ostracising Chyna and distancing themselves from her. Ask yourselves what their attitude would be towards her if she wasn’t dead, and you’ll see how hollow this truly is. And again, Chyna WAS a total mess and liability, and we all deemed her as such during her life, so I don’t see how a single fan could possibly get on their high horse when many of them are being just as hypocritical as WWE is by acting like they were on her side.

  4. Have you ever seen other tribute video’s WWE has done for wrestlers who have died? I appreciate the acknowledgment…But that tribute didn’t look to have much effort put in to it. It was like a powerpoint presentation in comparison…

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