Three more performers released by WWE on Friday including El Torito, Cameron and Santino Marella, talent cut so far

Three more performers released by WWE

WWE announced these new releases on Friday.

* El Torito (Masacrita Dorada) – WWE’s most recent popular mini-performer was signed by the company in 2013 to be the mascot for the Los Matadores tag-team featuring Eddie and Orlando Colon (Primo and Epico) as masked Mexican bullfighters. Torito’s most famous moment in the company was part of the infamous WeeLC match with Hornswoogle at the 2014 Extreme Rules PPV. After the Matadores tag-team was taken off TV to repackage Primo and Epico, Torito was taken off TV in the Fall of 2015 and was not used until his release.

* Cameron (Ariane Andrew) – The longest-tenured performer from the 2011 version of WWE Tough Enough, most known for being eliminated first by host Stone Cold Steve Austin for saying her favorite match was Melina vs. Alicia Fox, was signed by the company shortly thereafter. Cameron’s most well-known role was as part of the Funkadactyls with Naomi, managing Brodus Clay in his “Funkasaurus” persona that got very popular with the audience. Cameron was also heavily featured on the “Total Divas” reality show on E! over the course of its run, beginning in 2013. After Cameron and Naomi split up on-screen, Cameron’s time on TV diminished greatly over the last year or so. Recently, she went on Twitter and made a long post in support of Ryback’s contractual dispute against WWE, that probably spelled the end of her time with the company.

* Santino Marella – Yet another long-tenured WWE performer, Santino originally came into the old WWE developmental home, OVW, in 2005 and had an infamous run-in with Jim Cornette that led to Cornette’s release from WWE. Santino would then debut in 2007, first as a babyface fan from the crowd and would have his biggest moment, beating the late Umaga in Milan, Italy, to win the WWE Intercontinental Title, known as the “Milan Miracle.” Santino then would switch to a heel persona, being paired with Maria, and would become one of WWE’s most successful comedic characters, being included in segments with the likes of Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock and many others. Santino would go on to have runs with the WWE Tag Titles with Vladmir Kozlov and the WWE US Title in 2012. Santino’s last in-ring role with WWE was in a pairing with the recently called up Emma from NXT in 2014 before Santino would retire from in-ring action after neck surgery. Santino was still used in an ambassador role for WWE in recent time, but had been used less and less as he was focusing on his wrestling and MMA school, BattleArts, in Toronto.

Santino commented on Twitter about his release:

WWE also announced the releases of longtime performers Hornswoogle, Alex Riley and Zeb Colter earlier today, with more releases possibly to come.