New Cruiserweight Classic matches in EVOLVE, WWE coming to Mexico in August and December, Teddy Long on releases

Cruiserweight Classic matches in EVOLVE

New Cruiserweight Classic matches in EVOLVE

WWE has added video from two Cruiserweight Classic qualifying matches at EVOLVE last weekend featuring TJ Perkins, Fred Yehi, Drew Gulak and Tracy Williams.

WWE coming to Mexico in August and December

WWE has announced ticket information for live events in Mexico this August and December including shows in Puebla, Leon, Merida, Mexico City and Monterrey.

Teddy Long on WWE releases

Steve Gerweck passed this along.

Former Smackdown general manager Teddy Long made his weekly appearances on the Gerweck Report Podcast on Tuesday.

Sample of this week’s podcast, with Long discussing the WWE releases:

Any surprises?

“Well, the one that really surprised me is Damien Sandow. I was there when they brought him up, and I thought he did a great job. He’s not a bad worker either. That was kinda surprising to me. Santina Marella, not so much a surprise since he was venturing into other stuff. I think he opened up a gym, and he was kind of doing his own thing.”

On Santino’s departure:

“He was great for the company, I enjoyed working with him. He always had a great attitude, kept a smile on his face. He was one of the those guys you never had a problem with. I never saw him mad about nothing.”

Cameron’s release:

“I think she’ll be ok. She had a chance to be in that Total Divas, so being out there in Los Angeles, and that is where is from, and I’m pretty sure she has met alot of people and made her connections, I wouldn’t be surprised to see in her on the movie screen.”

Later in this week’s episode, Long discusses TNA’s morale and recent mistakes, Raw, WWE’s “new era,” possible upcoming WWE releases, and more.

Here is the link this week’s episode:

GRP #130: WWE releases, more releases coming, WWE’s “New Era,” TNA’s morale, Big Cass, more

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