Goldberg talks more about WWE 2K17 video game has an interview up with former WCW and WWE star Bill Goldberg where he talks briefly about being involved with the new WWE 2K17 video game release where two versions of his character and two WCW arenas (Nitro and Halloween Havoc) will be available as part of a pre-order.

“It’s a dream come true. To be able to come back and be included in WWE 2K17, it’s a huge honor. It’s just a really cool deal to be a character in WWE 2K17. Whether it’s Nitro or Halloween Havoc, to have me as an available character, it’s really cool. It’s a tribute.”

Update on MITB ladder match

One spot still remains open for the “Money in the Bank” ladder match on June 19. WWE at one point had teased the possibility of another competitor qualifying for the match in a tweet issued before RAW last night. Instead, a six man tag team match involving Alberto Del Rio, Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho vs. Dean Ambrose, Cesaro and Sami Zayn took place instead.

Matches set for Smackdown this week

WWE has announced WWE Women’s Champion Charlotte vs. Becky Lynch and an appearance by The Club for this week’s 6/2 WWE Smackdown on the USA Network. This match and segment will be taped later tonight in Rockford, Illinois.


  1. hmmm wonder if the wwe plans on bringing back halloween havoc. wouldnt be the first time they brought back a wcw ppv.

  2. It’s not strange. He’s been paid to use his likeness and say the right things. He is doing his job.

  3. Its not strange because in 2014 he said in an interview he would consider going back to wwe if they give him a good price plus he might hate Vince but he doesn’t hate HHH.

    So WWE or 2k must of gave him good money to be in 2k17.

  4. Amazing the attitude change of Goldberg, once the WWE money truck unloads at your front door.

  5. Goldberg u um wishy washy eh lol? but um Cena getting that final spot though it could go to AJ idk

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