Brock Lesnar will face Mark Hunt at UFC 200 on July 9, talks about his decision to return to UFC on ESPN SportsCenter

Brock Lesnar

Current WWE star Brock Lesnar made an appearance on ESPN SportsCenter on Monday morning talking with Hannah Storm about the announcement of his return to the UFC at UFC 200 on July 9 in Las Vegas. Here are highlights from his appearance.

* Footage of Brock Lesnar last March stating he wouldn’t be fighting in the UFC again was shown. This included Lesnar saying he was “closing the door” on a return to MMA and how he signed a new multi-year deal with WWE.

* Hannah Storm asked Brock what changed to get back in the octagon for UFC 200. Lesnar said he couldn’t live with that decision and it has haunted him for the last 15 months. “I figured I couldn’t live like that for the rest of my life.” He talks about competing at UFC 100 and returning at UFC 200.

* Lesnar said he almost immediately started feeling like he wanted to make a comeback even after his interview with ESPN. “I have to do this.” Lesnar said he felt cheated out of his career in the UFC when he wasn’t completely healthy and his battle with diverticulitis.

* Storm asked who his opponent will be. Lesnar said the guy just signed the contract moments before he walked out here. He reveals that his opponent will be Mark Hunt. Storm asked if he had any say in this decision. Lesnar said it was all the UFC’s decision and they said Hunt is the guy.

* Lesnar said around three months ago he started putting out feelers about getting on the card for UFC 200. Storm asked what WWE’s response was to this. Lesnar said you have “big boy” conversations and called himself a “crossover athlete.” He said both companies have faith in him to allow this to take place. Lesnar calls himself a prize fighter and that Dana White knows this is a big business opportunity.

* Storm asked how much money he will be making for this fight. Lesnar said he can’t disclose the actual figure, but that a lot of zeros are involved. He said everyone is going to make lots of money with him being part of the card for UFC 200. Lesnar said he is humbled and a weight has been lifted off his shoulders to finally make this decision public.

* Storm asks if he will walk away if he wins or loses. “We’ll cross that road when we get there.” Lesnar said he’s very busy after UFC 200 including making an appearance at SummerSlam in Brooklyn this August. Storm asked how long he’s been training for this return to the UFC. Lesnar said when he had a conversation with Dana and WWE, he got the green light to start getting prepared. Lesnar described the shape he has to be in for UFC versus WWE as being “very different.”

* Storm brought up the story about Ariel Helwani being banned and escorted out of UFC 199 for breaking the story about his return to the UFC. Lesnar said he doesn’t know who he is and isn’t aware of the story. “I don’t do Twitter,” added Lesnar. Conor McGregor is brought up and his impact on the sport. Lesnar said guys like Conor are great for the UFC who can talk and back it up. In regards to Conor calling himself the biggest PPV draw of all time, he’s okay with that and would rather get paid.

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