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PPV: WWE SummerSlam (August 23)
Written by: Anthony J. Valvo
Predictions by: staff and readers

Students, this is my type of pay-per-view. WWE calls this their second biggest event (with WrestleMania being the first). I call it the Sunday before the first day of school. Have you ever noticed that class? If you live in Pennsylvania and watch professional wrestling, you should know what I am talking about.

Now the one thing I loved about SummerSlam were promos. Now these two caught my eye from the 1989 SummerSlam. Too all you Leaping Lanny Poffo marks, this one is for you. He was one of the best on the mic.

And who can forget the ?other? Poffo (w/Sherri and actor Tom ?Tiny? Lister Jr.) in one of his entertaining promos prior to SummerSlam. I wish they brought back those types of segments.

They don?t make promos like this anymore. Ok, enough with the history lesson. It is time to present the predictions (which I will momentarily).

Of course the card has eight matches and features superstars young and old. I listened to Wrestling News Live on Thursday and I believed that Hunter Golden said this card looks strong. I really agree with him on this one. Other than Khali vs. Kane, this looks great. There are so many names on this card that have a chance to really elevate their careers. People like MVP, Swagger, Cryme Tyme, CM Punk, Dolph Ziggler, and Legacy can really boost their stock by having a great match in from of this Los Angles crowd. And who said you can?t find young talent on the card?

Well, before I begin with the picks, please allow me to present once again the current standings. Once again, we started these predictions back in February with TNA’s Against All Odds. SummerSlam is only the half way point until we appoint the first annual WrestleView Dean of Predictions. This month started with Josh Boutwell and David Stephens vying for the spot currently occupied by Joe Baiamonte. Well, after the last PPV (Hard Justice), Joe padded his lead to a comfortable five game advantage. As for Josh and David, well they hit a roadblock suffering losing records for the first time in a while. Also, Jose Marrero is looking strong going into these picks. He only missed one match last week and currently sits in second place. And as always the fans are improving as well. They are making a strong case at dethroning any staff member for WrestleView.

So, here are the current standings: (Hard Justice Picks in Parentheses)

1) Joe Baiamonte (Baiamonte’s Casa)???????????..?66-42 (7-2)
2) Jose Marrero (Wrestling Rumblings)???????????…61-47 (8-1)
3) Josh Boutwell (Viva La Raza! and TNA Recapper)??..?.60-48 (3-6)
4) WrestleView Students (Our loyal readers)???????.?.60-48 (5-4)
5) David Stephens (That’s a Wrap! and ECW Recapper)??58-50 (3-6)
6) Anthony Valvo (From the Desk of Mr. V.)???????..?55-53 (5-4)
7) Matt O?Brien (Notes from the Nosebleeds)???????.?54-39 (5-4)
8) Josh Piedra (The Shoot)??????????????????…52-36 (6-3)
9) Phil Chroniger (On Second Thought?)??????????..51-45 (5-4)
10) Mike Siciliano (Pro’s From the Palace)??????????..48-34 (5-4) **
11) Chris Kelly (Ex-TNA Epics Recapper)????????..?..?35-23 (4-5)
12) Sean Hurley (The Sharpshooter)?????????????…35-26 (7-2)
13) Doug Lackey (Reality From Ringside)??????????.?35-38 (4-5)
14) Mike Tedesco (WWE S.S. and Smackdown Recapper)??14-9 (0-0)
15) Mike Klubnik (Stylin? and Profilin?)?????????????..14-12 (5-4)
16) Ryan Droste (Ask WV)???????????????????….4-4 (0-0)

Attending this week’s pay per view predictions are: Joe Baiamonte, Jose Marrero, Josh Boutwell, David Stephens, The students of WrestleView, Anthony Valvo, Matt O?Brien, Josh Piedra, Mike Siciliano, Chris Kelly, Doug Lackey, and Mike Tedesco. The names not mentioned are excused for this weekend.

**If you want to see Mike Siciliano’s detailed predictions, please check out his latest column. You will see them in Pro’s From The Palace #334**

And now…without further interruption, here are the picks for SummerSlam presented by ?The WrestleView Faculty?.


The Great Khali vs. Kane

Joe B. – KANE.

Jose M. – I think KANE is going to take this match being that neither man seems to have any potential angles when this is over. I see Kane winning with them playing it out another month or two. Maybe even a Singh heel turn.

Josh B. – KANE. This will be bad, I mean really, really bad.

David S. – KHALI.

Anthony V. – Wow, just wow. Well, they need to end this some way even though the storyline has been utter crap. I say that Khali’s brother/translator is a factor in this match. I would say that KHALI comes out on top here because Kane dominated this feud for weeks.

Matt O. – KANE.


Mike S. – KANE beats Khali.

Chris K. – KANE.

Sean H. – KHALI. Remember when Kane and Khali replicated the Hogan/Andre body slam at WM 23? I, for one, was nearly in tears thinking about the nostalgia.

Doug L. – KANE via the inevitable. For some reason I have a feeling that the result of this match is going to bring the same tired and true formulas we’ve seen in the past: Khali goes on another vacation to India while Kane stays to go on his 264th feud with Rey Mysterio… I pray I’m proven wrong.

Mike T. – Does anyone really care? I’m going with KHALI.

Consensus: The Faculty had a tough time predicting this, honestly boring, Smackdown feud. In the end, the recent mean streak by Kane should give him the edge over the Punjabi Playboy. With that said, and by a close margin, The Faculty predicts that KANE will come out on top in this encounter.

Final Tally: KANE 7, The Great Khali 5

Jack Swagger vs. MVP


Jose M. – MVP really appears to be in someone’s dog house as of late as he has yet to really get any momentum going since his initial raw debut. I am going to give this to SWAGGER as there is a lot they can do with him once this angle is over.

Josh B. – MVP. I’m still not sure who will win this one but I’ll go with MVP because he needs some momentum.

David S. – MVP

Anthony V. – MVP really, REALLY needs a win here. I said this many times, putting MVP on RAW really hurt him. If the WWE wants a ?youth? movement I would say give SWAGGER the victory here and have him battle for the U.S. Title soon.

Matt O. – SWAGGER.


Mike S. – SWAGGER beats MVP.

Chris K. – SWAGGER.


Doug L. – MVP via surprisingly clean win. While I love seeing these two young performers move up the ranks within WWE, my question is: Ok… what do they do after this? If MVP is legitimized, then where does he go? If Swagger loses, what does he do to win back credibility? Limbo is a bad place to be…

Mike T. – This is a real toss up. I’m going to go with MVP here since Swagger’s already pinned him and MVP has only won by DQ.

Consensus: Wow, I remember when some wrestling radio shows were ecstatic that MVP went to RAW. Some of my students thought he could seriously be a contender for Orton’s Title. JACK SWAGGER is the consensus pick because honestly if the WWE wants a youth movement, he can be one of your guys for that. The Faculty predicts that Swagger will come out on top, but it is not an entire runaway.

Final Tally: JACK SWAGGER 8, MVP 4

Degeneration X (HHH/Shawn Michaels) vs. Legacy (Cody Rhodes/Ted DiBiase)

Joe B. – I’m sticking my neck out and saying LEGACY.

Jose M. – I don’t think this will be a one and done feud. They have even written new theme music for DX so I am going to say DX goes over here.

Josh B. – DX. I don’t think Legacy will get squashed like some folks think, but they damn sure ain’t winning.

David S. – DX.

Anthony V. – That Dang ol? DX will win this one. C?mon who uses a shoe to attack another wrestler? Legacy I think are ready, but HHH and HBK will not put them over in this PPV.

Matt O. – LEGACY.

Josh P. – DX.

Mike S. – DX beats Legacy.

Chris K. – DX.

Sean H. – I want to say Legacy but that would be quite a stretch so I’m going with DEGENERATION X.

Doug L. – LEGACY via the most wildly fanatical vision ever concocted. Please stay with me on this one… I really think this could go down. How about an HBK double-cross? HBK spouting “You brought me back because of you, HHH? I have been gone for 4 months, not one word from you… yet when you start getting your ass kicked by 20-year olds, you always call for me. Screw you! I’m tired of it!” Sounds neat, huh? Sounds logical, right? Yeah… I don’t think it’ll happen either.

Mike T. – This may be the Main Event because they want to end the show on a high note… For a high note ending they’ll squash talent that really needs a solid rub from two veterans. It’s all part of Raw’s master plan of building up new talent. I suppose I’ll have to go with DX… but I wish it was Legacy.

Consensus: Are you ready? If you are not, too bad because DEGENERATION X will be anyway. The Faculty predicts that the old duo will continue their dominance over the younger superstars. Sorry Legacy, maybe Monday or later will you guys get the upper hand.

Final Tally: DEGENERATION X 9, Legacy 3


Chris Jericho/Big Show (c’s) vs. Cryme Tyme (JTG/Shad)


Jose M. – If DX continues BIG SHOW and JERICHO could be next in line to feud with them. So I am going with them over Cryme Tyme.

Josh B. – SHOW & JERICHO. This will be a nice rub for CT but I don’t see them winning. The Hart Dynasty needs a title shot soon.


Anthony V. – JERICHO AND BIG SHOW in what can be a sleeper match. I think Cryme Tyme?ok JTG deserves this push. Since Cryme Tyme is a team that is dominated by one guy (I swear JTG wrestles 85% of Cryme Tyme matches), I say Show finishes the match and gives the champs a win here.



Mike S. – JERISHOW Retain.

Chris K. – Y2J AND BIG SHOW.

Sean H. – BIG SHOW AND JERICHO because Jericho is awesome and Big Show is a fat, super tall Justin Credible.

Doug L. – SHOW/JERICHO via part of the long-term plan for re-establishing the Tag belts. Everyone has been in agreement that the tag team competition in WWE has been in decline for a very long time. The only way you can build it back up is constant airtime of the champions and the champions holding onto the straps for an extended amount of time.

Mike T. – I’m going with JERISHOW. They’re doing pretty good things with the titles.

Consensus: **Enter Vince McMahon’s Theme Music?**

The Faculty does not need to explain the outcome here, as THE JERISHOW should easily win this contest over the duo from Brooklyn.

Final Tally: JERISHOW 12, Cryme Tyme 0

Rey Mysterio (c) vs. Dolph Ziggler

Joe B. – REY REY.

Jose M. – I really think if the company wanted they could push this on for at least another month. Rumors are that Misterio was promised a push but I think if he drops the title here and gets a rematch next month and then goes on to feud with CM Punk that keeps him relevant enough to make him happy. I am going with DOLPH ZIGGLER here.

Josh B. – DOLPH. I’ve gone back and forth on who I think will win this one but I think Dolph needs this win to help elevate himself and Rey may be heading to a possible feud with Punker.


Anthony V. – I really want to say Dolph here. But hearing Rey Mysterio say that he wants a long title run, I don?t see it happening at this PPV. I can see Maria causing Dolph’s loss here, so I will say that REY MYSTERIO defends the title here.

Matt O. – ZIGGLER.


Mike S. – REY retains.

Chris K. – REY REY

Sean H. – Rey won last month, so will they have Dolph win this month? I hope not, I’m going with REY MYSTERIO.

Doug L. – REY via what I had said earlier. If my predictions actually come true, then WWE actually has no plans for the future. This is the biggest moment for the company right now… to show that you have talent, that you have faith, ready to move up the ladder. If it does not happen, and everyone starts complaining… this is the match I will look back on.

Mike T. – I’m going to go with REY MYSTERIO here. The Master of the 619 should have a good reign with this title.

Consensus: Last month Dolph Ziggler was book to win the IC Championship. Now The Faculty does not know the real reason why it was scrapped, but rumors point to the fact that Rey Rey did not want to drop it so soon. Though some will not be surprised if we get a new Intercontinental Championship, the majority of us are going to stated that REY MYSTERIO will defend his belt once again to the young and arrogant Dolph Ziggler.

Final Tally: REY MYSTERIO 8, Dolph Ziggler 4

Christian (c) vs. William Regal


Jose M. – CHRISTIAN just regained that title. Look for him to stay put with it for now.

Josh B. – CHRISTIAN. Should be the sleeper of the night, Christian retains in what’s hopefully a great match.


Anthony V. – This is going to be the hardest one to call. It may also be the best match on the card if the WWE allows it. *sigh* what to do here?ya know, I am going to go with WILLIAM REGAL based on the fact that he has two strong allies with him in Big Zeke and Kozlov. Plus, I think it is time for Regal to carry a brand the way he did as a GM for RAW back in the day. Would not be surprised if Christian wins though.



Mike S. – CHRISTIAN retains.

Chris K. – REGAL.

Sean H. – I’m picking REGAL here because he’s so awesome.

Doug L. – REGAL via another inevitable storyline. Regal grabs the strap, an enormous faction with him, Kozlov, and Zeke is made… then a rivalry between Kozlov and Zeke for the #1 contender spot… oh let’s just say this ECW Strap is in limbo too. I like Regal and all… but this division and title was meant for the midcards and rookies to build up. What happened to the Jack Swagger experiment?

Mike T. – That’d be awesome if William Regal finally got a big rub with a sort of World Title but I think it’ll be CHRISTIAN getting the dupe here.

Consensus: Some of The Faculty members believe that this can be the match of the night. Both superstars do have a wide array of technical skills and are evenly matched. Does Regal have the advantage because of his reinforcements? The majority does not think so! The Faculty states that CHRISTIAN (along with his peeps) will come out the victor over the, at times, underrated William Regal.

Final Tally: CHRISTIAN 8, William Regal 4

Jeff Hardy (c) vs. CM Punk

Joe B. – CM PUNK.

Jose M. – Could we get another Matt Hardy heel turn? Or are they setting up a future challenger for Punk as the champion in the sensei of Mattitude? Either way PUNK is going over here.

Josh B. – PUNK. This should be the blow-off of this great feud and it’s the perfect way to send Jeff off on good terms in his match. Just hope that Matt doesn’t stick his nose into things.

David S. – CM PUNK.

Anthony V. – I could seriously see Vince McMahon pulling a fast one on us and have Jeff win and drop the belt at a Smackdown Taping. However, I say to my loyal readers to buy shares of IHOP once again, because Matt Hardy (and no P.P. jokes here) will harm Jeff in this one and CM PUNK claims what should have been his since Extreme Rules.

Matt O. – PUNK – Matt will cost Jeff.

Josh P. – CM PUNK.

Mike S. – PUNK wins TLC to win the title.

Chris K. – CM PUNK.

Sean H. – CM PUNK. Jeff can go home to his trailer, write shitty music make Beetle Juice-esque art and write even shittier poetry.

Doug L. – CM PUNK via the inevitable. Jeff Hardy’s final match… and his passion. Will this be where Matt Hardy takes the main event spot from Jeff? Intriguing….

Mike T. – CM PUNK is going to win. I’ll miss Jeff Hardy every Friday.

Consensus: Once Again, let’s cue up the band?

No matter how CM PUNK does it (either clean or by Matt Hardy’s interference), he will come up on top , become the new World Heavyweight Champion, and Jeff Hardy can finally begin to recover from his recent burnout.

Final Tally: CM PUNK 12, Jeff Hardy 0

Randy Orton (c) vs. John Cena

Joe B. – ORTON retains.

Jose M. – I think CENA is going to get the win here whether it is for the title or by DQ is the question but I see him getting his hand raised at the end of this one.

Josh B. – ORTON. Orton needs a quality win, not that it’ll be clean or anything. Plus, I just can’t stand the thought of Cena being Champion again.


Anthony V. – How flat has this been? I will say that Cena has cut some intense promos the past few weeks building up this match. I say since Breaking Point is the next PPV, Cena won?t win the title at SummerSlam. Will Cena win by DQ? I think so since I have heels winning the titles. This PPV can be rewarding and punishing for me?CENA BY DQ (Orton Retains).

Matt O. – CENA by DQ.


Mike S. – CENA beats Orton to win the belt. DiBiase may begin his face turn so he can promote his movie.

Chris K. – JOHN CENA.

Sean H. – Cena defeated Orton 2 years ago at Summerslam as the champion, but now Orton is the champion so I’m picking RANDY ORTON to retain here and cement his legacy as…as…a wrestler with slightly above average abilities and a robotic cadence to his promos.

Doug L. – ORTON via… oh hell I have no clue. What are Creative’s plans for the ‘Raw’ brand? More Cena and HHH and HBK main events? More Mexican vs. midget matches? More matches with no payoff to follow? I really have no idea who wins this just because I have no idea what WWE’s plans are for the flagship… that has now turned into a rowboat.

Mike T. – The Age of Boredom… er, ORTON, will continue.

Consensus: This title match was the most difficult to predict since both are pretty equal in what they can do. However, when the dust settles in this match, The Faculty will say that RANDY ORTON will either win this contest by pinfall or lose this by DQ. Relax Cena haters, we think the title is safe (until at least Breaking Point).

Final Tally: RANDY ORTON 7, John Cena 5

PPV tidbit: Right now, Kofi Kingston has the longest length of any champion now. The U.S. Champion has held the belt for an astonishing 83 days in a row! Bring up the Lex Luger-o-meter!! Luger held the title for over 530 straight days!! Oh, as for the tidbit, though Kofi was on the posters for SummerSlam, he will not be wrestling on the card. Probably because The Miz got banned from SummerSlam.

Well class, this wraps up yet another article from our faculty lounge. If you want to be a part of the predictions game, please e-mail me your selection at I record all of your scores and average out the wins to provide your record. Well, on behalf of the WrestleView Faculty I am Anthony J. Valvo saying enjoy your last weekend of summer vacation. It only gets better from here. Until later this week, you are all…DISMISSED!!!!!!

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As always the Faculty thanks you for reading our selections.

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