Bobby Roode

The official Twitter account for WWE NXT posted the following video clip on Saturday, revealing that former TNA star Bobby Roode made his in-ring debut for the company as part of NXT’s live event at the Download Festival in Leicestershire, England:

Roode has appeared on-camera at the last two NXT TakeOver live specials over the last couple of months teasing his imminent debut with NXT. It is said that Roode was awaiting clearance of his work visa before he could begin with NXT. We will have full results from today’s NXT live event at the Download Festival later on today.

If you are at the NXT show and would like to send us a live report, please e-mail either or


  1. I think Roode is a great talent – why do you feel he should punished by being on the main roster right off the bat? … somewhat jk…somewhat!

  2. I think Roode is an exception to the normal rule. If you go straight to the main roster you usually get buried, but take Styles for instance, Roode is a lot better talker and he could add a lot to the main roster with guys like Cena and Orton who aren’t as good at promos. Plus, Roode is a better wrestler than Cena or Orton.

  3. Straight to the main roster? Why? If Samoa Joe and Shinske Nakamura have to go through NXT, for a short time or longer, then Roode should too. Of those three, I would put him at the bottom of the list. He’s a TNA star. Joe is TNA/ROH and Nakamura is NJPW/ROH. Roode is good, but he’s not international like AJ or even Joe. People are marking for him because it’s another ‘oh my god, I can’t believe he made the jump’ moment, but we will see. He has the potential to be big, but so do Aries and others and they are working their way in.

    Maybe he will be like Owens/Steen and only do a short NXT stint, or be like Balor and do a longer run. We will have to see, but I think if he went main roster he would get a huge pop, and then a few weeks later, without a push right to the top, he’d be buried in the mess they have there right now.

    Brand split is the time to bring him and others up. Not now.

  4. Give ’em hell Bobby! May you be successful despite WWE’s asinine prejudices against outside talent.

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