Jerry Lawler

WMC Action News 5 in Memphis spoke with WWE Hall of Famer Jerry “The King” Lawler on Friday morning from jail to discuss his arrest on charges of domestic assault on Friday morning. Lawler, along with his fiance Lauryn McBride, are being held at the Shelby County Jail and have a scheduled court date on Monday morning.

As reported earlier, WWE issued a statement noting that Lawler has been “suspended indefinitely” following his arrest.

Here are some highlights from comments by Lawler about the arrest.

* Lawler stated he attended a wrestling event in Memphis on Thursday night and had a match on the card. He returned home around 9:30 p.m. and said his fiance (Lauryn McBride) had gone to a friends house to watch the NBA Finals. Lawler said when McBride returned home around 10:00 p.m., he described her as being intoxicated.

* Lawler said they got into a “shoving match” (something he said has happened before when she would become intoxicated) and that she had stated she wanted to leave. Lawler said he didn’t want her to leave because she was in no condition to drive. He said at that point, McBride became upset, dialed 911 and scratched his face in the process.

* Lawler said police arrived to his home and informed him that this was a domestic dispute and that both of them would need to go downtown. He described the incident as being very unfortunate adding, “Nobody was hit. Nobody was hurt. This is something that happened as a result of, you know, drinking too much.”

* The WMC Action News 5 then read from the police affidavit where Lawler’s fiance claims he “pushed her against a stove and then hit her in the head.” When asked if that was accurate, Lawler said “absolutely not.” The reporter also brought up claims of an “unloaded gun” being brought out. Lawler said at one point McBride was threatening to “kill herself” and threw the gun. When asked if the police statement was correct that stated Lawler placed the gun on the counter and told McBride to kill herself, Lawler confirmed he put the gun on the counter, but didn’t use those words.

* When asked if they have had issues like this in the past, Lawler said they have only had issues when she drinks. Lawler revealed she has an incident last week when McBride attended the CMA’s, got drunk and got into a “fistfight with her aunt.” He described what happened last night as an “unfortunate situation” and is hopeful everyone can get past this. At this point a one minute warning was overhead on the phone call forcing the interview to conclude at a little over three minutes. The entire interview with Lawler has been posted online courtesy of WMC Action News 5.